The moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived, Apple’s foray into spatial computing was announced this week at its annual World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC. But Apple isn’t the only company making news on the extended reality, XR, front.

For the first installment in our TLDR series, we’ll be diving into all things immersive experiences, spatial computing, and headsets. In this, and future TLDR pieces you’ll find the quick snapshot you need to sound like the smartest person in the room. The Shockoe team will share our insights and expertise on the latest news, from AI and XR to the most recent mobile platform updates.

Let’s get started with the latest in the world of XR devices:

Apple Vision Pro

Welcome to the future, where dreams become reality. At Shockoe, our vision for XR has finally come to fruition. It’s time to liberate yourself from the confines of your everyday workstation and unlock a world of boundless productivity that seamlessly integrates into your daily life. And guess what? Apple has just made it all possible. – Justin Boswell, Software Engineer III, iOS Platform Lead

After years of speculation and rumors Apple has officially announced its first XR headset the Vision Pro. The device carries a hefty price tag, but also the potential to shake up the existing XR space, coming with the consumer brand recognition that Apple brings. Marketed to reimagine the way we work and live, the Vision Pro uses AR and VR along with familiar Apple apps and products to offer a new way to see and interact with your space.

As someone who works with apps, one of the most impactful aspects in this announcement is the toolset that our developers will be given to provide innovative immersive experiences. – Toz Grewal, Product Analyst 

What this means for you: We all knew when Apple’s announcement came it would cause seismic waves, no matter what industry you’re in. Whether your company has invested in XR previously or not, the Vision Pro announcement means it’s time to reevaluate how your brand uses immersive experiences. Choosing not to can be the difference between standing out, and falling behind.

Apple obviously isn’t the first to the AR/VR headset space, but Vision Pro seems to dramatically up the game. No other product in this category is packing as much technology and polish. – Jamie Blumberg, Software Engineer II, iOS Specialist

Meta Quest Pro & Quest 3

Not to miss the XR news Meta also announced its latest headsets, the Quest Pro and the Quest 3. The new Quest Pro offers a higher-end option, and potential competition for Apple’s Vision Pro. On the other side the Quest 3 aims to improve on the Quest 2 by prioritizing a lighter-weight design and improved user experiences. Our VP of Sales Dan Cui shared his insights on the announcement:

“Meta’s Quest 3 emerges as a sleeker and more advanced successor to the Quest 2. With a slim and lightweight design, powered by the second-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, it promises enhanced performance and breathtaking experiences. Offering features like color pass-through video and IPD adjustment, the Quest 3 may become a compelling choice for consumers seeking a wide-ranging content library within an affordable price range.” – Dan Cui, VP of Sales and Business Development

What this means for you: Along with the new headsets Meta announced it will drop the price of its Quest 2 models. This price drop coupled with Meta’s higher end Quest Pro and Apple’s headline grabbing entrance into spatial computing might mean more users are willing to try the more affordable Quest 2 first as an introduction to XR. Businesses can begin exploring how they can utilize all three of Meta’s options to reach their target audience. 

What’s Next?

The XR landscape has changed this week, but businesses don’t need to panic. At Shockoe, we’re already using augmented reality to add dimension to the digital experience, inviting users to form deeper and more meaningful connections with your brand—the kind they’ll never get from looking at their traditional devices. Together, we can keep your users looking up and your future looking bright. Get in touch with our team today to find the right immersive experience for your business.

“The good news for us at Shockoe is that we’ve been invested in the underlying software technologies for years now, from core iOS UI frameworks to ARKit and Unity.” – Jamie Blumberg, Software Engineer II, iOS Specialist