Every new year brings a broad range of technology trends that captivate consumers and corporations alike. To remain a competitive force in your industry, it’s vital to understand upcoming tech trends. This article will provide insight on how to implement them into your product design engineering throughout 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • The inevitability of changing technology trends with each passing year
  • Explore a list of the most important trends in tech for 2023
  • How you can implement these trends into your product design engineering
  • Understand the rising importance of superapps
  • Outsourcing development for new digital products in your market

Many people view new technologies for entertainment purposes. But the reality is that emerging technologies will take numerous industries to new heights. One aspect of business that’s seeing a considerable shift in its practices in all facets is digital marketing. For years, the evolution of ad space has always been a budding topic. Search engines and social media have made it easier than ever to market products and services, but innovative technologies are offering an entirely new frontier. 

Although there’s a long list of technology trends that’ll rise up throughout 2023, a few hold more weight than others. From a business standpoint, it’s best to shift your focus to what benefits your endeavors the most. Thankfully, there’s plenty you can take advantage of, and these trends can cover a broad range of different industries. They also allow corporations to expand within their own market while reaping the benefits of adjacent ones.

This article covers a few interesting tech topics, but one that stands above the rest is superapps. Often created to consolidate services, features, and functions of multiple apps all in one, superapps are a universal solution to the tools we use every day. According to Gartner, a superapp is an application that provides end users (customers, partners or employees) with a set of core features plus access to independently created miniapps. The superapp is built as a platform to deliver a miniapps ecosystem that users can choose from to activate for consistent and personalized app experiences. Gartner superapps definition

More than ever, consumers and corporations are using numerous applications to support different needs in their life. This has been a fairly convoluted and oversaturated area of technology for years, and superapps will offer a uniform and simplified approach to applications. The idea still requires quite a bit of development and logistical effort, but it’s projected to play a significant role in 50% of the world’s population by 2027. 

Superapps, alongside other prominent tech trends, can heavily benefit your product design engineering goals, and it’s essential to understand everything they have to offer. A good example would be the application we created for Caribou, which offers multiple benefits for the business and their customers. With an improved UX/UI to start and a variety of features catered to the overall customer experience, both sides of the coin have everything they need to shop and stay connected in one place.

5 important tech trends of 2023

Superapps may be a highlight of developing technology in 2023, but they’re definitely not alone. These various tech trends stand on their own, and many of them can work together to bring new products to market. Some may be more viable for your business than others, but it’s essential to be aware of what’s emerging to remain a competitive force amongst the competition. Review the following five tech trends that are guaranteed to gather attention throughout 2023.

1. Metaverse

Although Metaverse technology has been developing interest for a few years, it plans on making strides in 2023. With expanding on immersive interactions, it’ll dive into AI, AR, VR, and more to bring corporations and consumers into a new digital world. From a personal to commercial standpoint, each will serve a unique purpose. 

As metaverse becomes a more common part of our everyday lives, it leaves the door open for an entirely new range of products. For businesses, this will give you the chance to nurture customer relationships and elevate brand identity like never before.

2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI and ML technologies aren’t necessarily new concepts, but they’re becoming much more intuitive. With an endless variety of applications and strides in development, AI and ML will blend into commerce in multiple ways.

Creating more intuitive AI and ML technologies also will create new job markets such as AI and ML engineering, AI architects, and more. Both technologies will bring numerous benefits to consumers and organizations. While consumers will enjoy everyday life integrations, corporations can deploy products and services within a revolutionary and immersive platform.

3. Cloud technology

Cloud tech is another aspect of technology that has been around for a while, but it continues to bring more benefits as its capabilities expand. For many companies, managing physical servers is quickly becoming a thing of the past and simply can’t match the services cloud tech has to offer.

Cloud tech can help manage significant amounts of information with zero downtime, and many companies appreciate the cost efficiency of the technology. Sharing and managing internal data has never been easier. With cloud tech, you’re able to combine infrastructure and software services. Overall, it’s the perfect solution for getting products and applications to market with the utmost efficiency.

4. Platform engineering

Improved platform design engineering technology will give way to improvement in developer workflow through increased productivity using automation and self-service capabilities. Thanks to these advancements, deploying new applications and digital services will be much easier, and it’ll make the developer’s job much more efficient.

Better platform design engineering technology also will promote collaboration between different departments, leading to a more fluid product for the consumers. Platform engineering can provide reduced cognitive workload, self-service features, seamless collaboration, and more consistency. Advances in this area of technology aim to utilize standardized, automated processes and components for a better end user experience. 

This can be seen in our work with Virginia Credit Union. Our case study with their mobile banking needs highlights a blend of features that benefit their business and their customer user experience. Now, users can enjoy over 20 new features that give them self-service tools, prompt support with a single tap, and much more.

5. Superapps

As mentioned earlier, superapps are likely to be one of the most interesting technology trends for 2023. This technology aims to be a versatile application that can replace numerous apps, providing everything they offer, and more. This will easily bleed into our personal lives and business ecosystems while making the tools, entertainment, and resources much easier to access.

At this time, most apps deliver single-purpose solutions, but in a few years, that may become an outdated concept. A superapp could be made up of eCommerce, messaging, social media, payment platforms, and others, creating a powerhouse of application efficiency that will improve business processes from multiple angles. 

This is only a handful of what’s to come for technology trends, each of which offers something unique for product design engineering in 2023. However, implementing this technology may come with a learning curve for many businesses, which is why seeking help from the experts is a great place to start.

Outsourcing development and product design

These technological changes are rapid, which can make it difficult to stay at the forefront of what your business should be utilizing. Moreover, integrating certain aspects of these technologies into your product design and development can be a tasking transition. It’s also understandable to be entirely confused, as many current technology trends come with an unknown landscape that can be difficult to navigate.

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