Dominion Energy Virginia launches their first consumer-facing mobile app today, which was designed and developed by Shockoe. The “Outage Center” app is focused on reporting and checking the status of customers’ power outages in a user-friendly way, by giving automatic updates and push notifications when power is restored. Shockoe also created the “Nearby Places with Power” feature, a first-of-its-kind approach to combine publicly available Google Places data with the utility’s data on service points and outage status, to let customers see the nearest businesses that have power during a widespread outage. This app represents the first step in Dominion Energy’s mobile journey, which will eventually provide mobile account management and billpay services. 

With the code I wrote, we are able to match 20 Google Places to their Dominion Service Accounts, check their outage status, and return to the user in under 1.5 seconds. With an accuracy over 90%. It is by far the coolest and most challenging thing I have ever done at Shockoe.

-Andrew Rumbley, Architect

“Our customers now have the convenience of reporting an outage on-the-go and receiving notifications when there are updates on restoration,” said Alan Bradshaw, Dominion Energy director of Electric Distribution Operations Centers. “Our customers’ expectations are changing and we’re adapting to meet their needs.”

Shockoe was chosen as a mobile partner by Dominion Energy after a Shark Tank-style pitch in March of 2018, where Dominion Energy’s Innovation Group asked local companies to submit “the big idea” for their first customer mobile app. Shockoe’s  team of strategists, creative designers, and mobile engineers created an innovative and customer-centric vision of Dominion Energy’s mobile presence. After user research with customers and business owners, “Nearby Places with Power” was created as a way for Dominion Energy to help their customers make the best out of a bad situation, acknowledging that power outages are painful for everyone. 

Dominion Energy is looking for more ways to connect with their customers via mobile, and is excited to continue to improve and release new features to the app over time. 

“I loved forming the partnership with Dominion Energy, and helping them create a culture of product management. I was also so proud of the team and our original vision presented during the Shark Tank — we don’t usually get to stretch that side of our creative brains, and it was awesome to see what our team came up with.”

Rebecca Thompson, Project Manager

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