One of Shockoe’s main goals for 2014 is to become more involved in the community and learn more about how companies are impacting Richmond through their mission and works.  We started a new series this month where a new guest speaker will come visit us to learn more about what we are doing, but more importantly share their story.  Last week, one of the founders from the Gray Haven Project, a local non-profit stopped by for a visit.

The Gray Haven’s mission is to provide hope and restoration to victims of human trafficking in Virginia.  As we learned on Friday, we tend to forget that human trafficking is not limited to 3rd world countries or the “Red Districts”, it actually happens in our back yard.

“The impact of human trafficking on individuals is complex and requires a comprehensive array of restorative services…  Through this haven, we operate Central Virginia’s only non-residential program specifically designed to provide services to victims of all forms of human trafficking.”

Shockoe and TGH are two very different organizations, with different visions, but the challenges both organizations face, at times, are very similar.  

Join us the 3rd Thursday of every month as we bring in new guest speakers and continue to collaborate with business around Richmond to Share their Story and learn about how they are impacting our city, Richmond, VA.