As mixed reality technology continues to expand, corporations and consumers are starting to see the numerous benefits it offers.

Key Takeaways:

You’re more than likely familiar with terms such as virtual reality and augmented reality, but mixed reality offers a unique experience of its own. Each comes with its own applications, and although they’re all valid solutions on a corporate and consumer level, mixed reality has a unique approach to creating immersive experiences.

To clarify, mixed reality entails the blend of real-world environments with computer-generated ones. This allows viewers to navigate the space around them with the benefit of added digital elements that not only enhance their experience but also come with a long list of integrations.

When you consider how invested many people are as consumers, one of the best ways to educate and integrate them into a product is by providing as much visual detail as possible. Corporate events that display new products and ideas can provide an immersive experience to an entire crowd of people with the help of mixed-reality technology. The applications of this technology are vast, and businesses can utilize it from internal and external perspectives.

The impact of mixed reality on corporations

Whether you have a corporate event to showcase your products or want to share ideas with your employees, mixed reality offers unparalleled engagement and understanding. Aside from the visual beauty this technology can provide, it’s an excellent way to keep people involved and attentive throughout a presentation.

Not only can it create immersive experiences, but it can also help reduce costs for businesses. Traditionally, corporate events or product showcases can be relatively expensive for several reasons, such as venue costs, staffing needs, and logistical planning. Taking these events and presentations to a virtual environment can help reduce financial burdens while delivering a more immersive and detailed experience.

Regardless of the angle, everyone benefits from mixed reality technology, from corporations to employees to consumers. It’s a great way to provide a visualization to employees and consumers about products and ideas from anywhere that may have otherwise required hands-on interaction to understand.

How customers respond to immersive experiences

Customer response is one of the most significant advantages for corporations, as mixed reality has a massive impact on customer interest and retention. Regardless of your industry, ROI is critical to any company. Using mixed reality to your advantage can reduce costs and increase ROI by driving substantial consumer interest.

If you can show a customer every angle of what a product has to offer in detail, they’re much more likely to believe in it. Although high-quality photos and videos will remain relevant, many people find them too one-dimensional compared to the visual experience mixed reality can deliver.

Considering the flexibility this kind of digital space provides, you can also create unique, memorable, and vivid immersive experiences that will leave an impact. Even if you have the best service or product in the world, if consumers aren’t impressed from their first interaction, they may not pursue it after the fact. 

Mixed reality ensures they never forget that first experience while showing that your company is innovative and impactful for everyone. Aside from corporate events or internal employee meetings, mixed reality has many other use cases.

3 popular use cases for mixed reality

Both corporations and consumers can use mixed reality to their advantage in more ways than one. The applications of this technology are capable of going far beyond product demonstrations and customer interaction, as it has plenty to offer for a vast range of industries.


Most people tend to be visual learners, and although there’s plenty of technology available to support education, most of it isn’t very immersive on a broad scale. This is even more relevant when it comes to complex topics, and industries that focus on creating educational material could utilize mixed reality in various ways.

Whether in the classroom or at industry-specific conferences, mixed reality is the perfect contributor to explain almost any topic more thoroughly. It allows viewers to put a visual representation to their imagination, leading to a better understanding of the concepts themselves.

Arts and entertainment 

Likely to be one of the most profitable use cases for mixed reality, almost everyone enjoys some form of art or entertainment in their daily lives. Similarly, the corporations behind such products and services are always looking for new ways to keep their customers engaged.

From in-person events to at-home entertainment, mixed reality can be easily integrated into a significant range of products that keep people tuned in. This is a space being explored with virtual and augmented reality, but mixed reality will be able to take entertainment to the next step by blending in with the world around us.

Industry and corporate training 

There are many ways to prepare a workforce for the hurdles they may face, but providing them with a visual and immersive experience can deliver a more detailed understanding. Industries such as healthcare and construction can use mixed reality to prepare employees for what they can expect.

It allows people to work in a “hands-on” virtual environment that they can visualize inside and out before the event occurs. Once again, not only is it a stellar educational tool, but its immersive nature has a tremendous impact on users. They’re bound to remember the experience and the steps they took from beginning to end. 

These processes will surely become more refined as mixed reality technology is still developing, but this requires the innovative and creative minds of the leaders within that space.

Creating immersive experiences for businesses and their customers

We understand the exciting possibilities and potential of integrating mixed reality technology in business, but we also recognize the importance of how it can influence people’s lives. This is why Shockoe is creating immersive experiences that bring people together in all sorts of ways.

Mixed reality can improve the lives of people all over the globe, and it’s vital to us that our clients feel that impact with every digital experience or product we create. From product development, growth strategies, immersive experiences, and even Web3 applications, we plan to take mixed reality to its fullest potential.

Shockoe delivers a comprehensive approach to what mixed reality offers from a consumer and corporate standpoint while developing products and strategies that cater to each client’s needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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