Cyber security is a budding topic in the tech industry, and many criminals are actively looking for new ways to access your business’s sensitive data and customer base. 

Key takeaways:

  • Dive into the realities of why mobile application security is vital.
  • Learn the benefits of a particular focus on security for your applications.
  • Get an overview of 5 ways to ensure business and customer data safety.
  • Some security concerns should be considered before jumping into app development.
  • Why is outsourcing an excellent way to ensure your application is secure from top to bottom?

In today’s world, where cyber criminals are becoming more savvy, focusing heavily on secure app development is crucial for application success and security. Mobile applications are finding their way into every industry and use case. The application market has expanded significantly over the years, and it is becoming more common for businesses to have one of their own.

As the need for mobile app development continues to rise, this inherently comes with more concern surrounding security risks. Data breaches are prevalent today, but this doesn’t mean you can’t protect your business and customers.

You must understand the pain points and the best ways to solve potential security issues, even if you know how it’s essential to work with the experts facing these challenges daily. This article provides insight into the realities behind mobile app security, what you can do about it, and the benefits of outsourcing this task.

Understanding the landscape of secure app development

As criminals get more innovative and technology becomes more complex, proper application security covers many angles. Moreover, applications hold a significant amount of data compared to the early days of app development. Sometimes, every personal detail about businesses and customers is tucked away in an application.

From another standpoint, the longer a mobile app is on the market, the more data it contains over time due to user engagement or expansions in features and services. You can expect that by 2028, corporations will spend roughly $14 billion on app security.

Here are some examples of types of information that cyber criminals steal in a data breach:

  • Social security numbers
  • Passwords
  • Addresses
  • Full legal names

Data breaches have become more common. Mobile apps are a hot target, but businesses can protect their customers and themselves with the right approach. Shockoe understands these issues wholeheartedly, which is why security is a top priority for every one of their mobile application projects.

Practices to consider with secure app development

You’d be surprised at what developers can implement into mobile app security. If you cover more than just the basics, you can guarantee that your app is sealed tight. This ensures you won’t face the woes of a data breach that can tarnish a company’s reputation and put customers on edge. Below are five security measures you should take regarding mobile app development.

1. Utilizing source code encryption

Encrypting source code can offer a level of defense that can ward off the issue of reverse engineering. This is common in mobile malware, as attackers can repackage a typical application and set up interested users for failure.

Aside from your reputation as a business, a vulnerability like this can be catastrophic for your customer base. Attacks can be clever enough to mimic your application entirely, which will easily fool even the most experienced application user.

2. Implementing authentication

Likely to be one of the best measures you can take toward mobile app security, implementing authentication requirements can go a long way. Complex alphanumeric passwords and third-party authentication security techniques can help defend against a potential security breach.

Requiring users to change their password or turn on multi-level authentication measures periodically is always a good idea. Security questions also fall into this category. It’s becoming more common for applications to offer two to three levels of security to guarantee that user data isn’t ever compromised.

3. Performing multiple penetration tests

You don’t have to wait for a data breach to give your security measures a test run. The developers you work with should perform numerous penetration tests on the application. This generally includes running randomly generated scenarios that test security measures and ensure they work.

It can help developers find any loopholes in the application and fix them before the application is live. However, these penetration tests should continue even after the application is available. They’re a consistent effort over time, as new developments and versions of the application should always go through the same security quality assurance.

4. Reduce the storage of sensitive information

Another angle is reducing the amount of sensitive data in the application’s storage. Simply put, cybercriminals can’t access certain aspects of sensitive data if it isn’t there. Of course, some bits of information must be stored in the local memory of devices, but not all are crucial. You can also help by allowing users to customize which bits of their data are stored. 

These are just a few examples of what developers can do to enhance the security of a mobile application. Aside from the notion that there are many other ways to improve safety, you also want to consider outsourcing development to those who understand the importance of security concerns.

Outsourcing development for your application

Working with Shockoe can guarantee that necessary security measures are in place for your application. Overseeing development inside and out allows Shockoe to ensure that every aspect of the application is secure. You’re also promised protection from security risks as your business and customers benefit from years of experience in development and application security.

You can see a few examples by reviewing many of Shockoe’s case studies, highlighting their customized approach to every one of their projects. Secure app development shouldn’t include lackluster experience or cutting corners, so it’s always a good idea to outsource it to those with hands-on knowledge from every direction.

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