An increasing number of shoppers worldwide are developing a preference for online shopping. A lot of this comes down to convenience, but the challenges retail stores face could be mitigated with the help of interactive shopping experiences.

Key takeaways:

  • Why customers are leaning more toward online shopping
  • The challenges in-store retailers face
  • How retailers can reconnect with their customer base through immersive tech
  • Different ways immersive tech can be applied to retail environments
  • Consider the development that goes into creating an immersive space for your customers

Due to the convenient nature of online shopping, retailers are facing many challenges as customers continue to avoid the in-store experience. The prevalence of this issue for retailers has been increasing for years, and adapting to this preference in customers is essential for survival.

Of course, this isn’t always an easy feat, but one of the best ways retailers can adapt to the online shopping craze is with the help of immersive technology. With several unique facets to what it brings to the table, immersive tech comes with expansive capabilities, many of which can enhance the traditional retail environment.

It’s important to discern the differences within immersive experiences, as you have virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). To blend the best of real-world and virtual environments, businesses should consider using mixed reality in retail. 

This tech offers a mix between virtual and augmented reality and can be utilized in-store or in the comfort of the customer’s home. Mixed reality is an expansive space highly customizable to the business’s and its customers’ needs. It’s an excellent example of why integrating immersive experiences is quickly becoming vital for maintaining and growing a customer base.

Retailers’ competition with online shopping

It’s no secret that retail stores have been competing with the efficiency, comfort, and convenience of online shopping. This is why many businesses set up online stores. However, other conglomerates still dominated the market even when many businesses started their website to sell products and services.

Now, businesses can look at this struggle from a different angle, as technology has brought new life to the in-store experience. With the help of interactive shopping experiences, customers are now more inclined to return to the retail space, but with a twist this time around.

Businesses can now utilize immersive tech to their advantage, allowing customers to use it in-store or from the comfort of their homes. Many companies are interested in bringing retail space into their customers’ homes so people don’t feel pressured to visit the store. You can also use this same immersive tech to make the in-store experience much more convenient, efficient, and interactive for customers.

Different ways to offer an interactive shopping experience

There isn’t a single “cookie cutter” option to provide your customer base with an interactive shopping experience. Business owners have an expansive number of options to choose from that give them the leverage of a unique experience people will remember. 

Utilizing this tech can do wonders for increasing sales, connecting with a broader customer base, and improving overall retention, just to name a few. Below, you’ll find a few comprehensive examples of how you can integrate mixed reality in retail.

Shop a new closet at home

One of the most consistently sought-after forms of retail is shopping for new clothes. In the past, shoppers would have to physically visit a store to assess sizing, fabric qualities, and many other minor details. Through immersive technology, customers can now explore all these details with mixed reality.

Incentivize through gamification

By implementing gaming mechanics into applications, retailers can offer many more fun and engaging incentives for customers to take advantage of. Extensive data proves that efforts in gamification pose many fun, addictive, and inquisitive qualities that people love to participate in. Overall, game design elements influence the buyer’s journey as they become more interested in the progression of their experience.

Consider offering exclusives

Another way you can lead customers into your interacting shopping experience is by offering products or services that can only be found within this space. Whether it’s unique packaging, exclusive products, or general experiences that can’t be found anywhere else, general human curiosity will lead people to check out what the immersive experience has to offer.

These are a few examples of how immersive tech can enhance the retail experience and satisfy the needs of the modern customer. It’s essential to keep development in mind, as the tech demands a certain level of expertise to get the job done. You can find examples of this through Shockoe’s many different case studies, which highlight a variety of unique uses of immersive tech.

Don’t skimp on quality development

The best way to ensure your interactive shopping experience leaves an impact on the customer is by focusing on quality development that doesn’t skip a single step. Without a fluid user experience, customers aren’t going to be very interested, regardless of how visually appealing it may seem.

You also want to consider that development pertains to much more than dazzling effects. Every aspect of the immersive experience needs to be smooth and interactive while giving customers the ability to seamlessly explore everything you have to offer. 

Here are a few key points you want to remember when it comes to development:

  • Storytelling is crucial
  • Make your purpose known
  • The type of immersive tech you want to use
  • Develop with the human senses in mind
  • Make the experience personable
  • Incentivize user interaction

Developing an interactive shopping experience that influences customers requires a collaborative effort. It’s also a project that business owners shouldn’t rush, especially if they want to compete with other retailers working in the same direction.

Let Shockoe help

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