Although there are many eyes on sports and entertainment, the way fans engage with the industry has changed over the years. One of the best ways to see a boost in engagement is with the help of an innovative application.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how innovative technology can help boost engagement by understanding your audience
  • How applications give companies the ability to connect with fans on multiple levels
  • Why applications are important in sports and entertainment
  • How companies in this industry can benefit from offering unique applications
  • Work with a development team that understands your company’s and users’ needs

Technology continues to find its way into every aspect of our lives, and people are becoming increasingly attached to what it has to offer. You’ll find this is especially true when it comes to applications, as nearly everyone has a smartphone. With just a tap, users can connect with companies and their services while navigating everything they bring to the table.

Apps for sports and entertainment already exist, but there’s plenty of room to innovate and expand on the concept while driving engagement with existing, and new, fans. Sports and entertainment is a diverse industry with the ability to connect with fans, users, and clients on a very personal level.

Utilizing applications gives companies a new frontier to generate revenue, increase brand engagement, provide immersive experiences, and more. Any sports and entertainment company can take a unique and personalized approach with their own application. 

The app doesn’t have to be a copy of what’s already out there, and it can bring plenty of benefits pertaining to overall brand awareness. It’s important to understand the needs of your audience and cater to them with a stellar application.

Understanding your audience

Your fans’ and clients’ sports and entertainment needs aren’t uniform across the board. Although you’ll find some similarities between different audiences, your particular user base will respond to unique features, benefits, variety, and more. Creating an application that keeps the user base in mind sets the project on a path to success.

An innovative application can help deliver insightful analytics you can use to help improve the outcomes of certain projects. They also give sports and entertainment companies the ability to offer augmented or virtual reality experiences, take advantage of eSports, and much more.

Businesses can accomplish customer engagement in more ways than one. From AI-powered chatbots to blockchain integrations, there are plenty of options. The best part about utilizing applications and the potential behind their technology is that it helps to increase engagement as well as revenue.

Features that deliver a boost in engagement

Applications can be extremely customized, which is partly why every brand should consider developing one of their own. There are specific features with apps for entertainment or sports that could deliver a substantial boost in engagement, and certain options have been around long enough to offer data that backs up their potential for success. Ideas from other industries can also be used.


An industry entirely of its own, eSports has evolved into one of the most sought-after forms of entertainment in recent years. Even people who aren’t too engrained with sports know what eSports events are. This particular side of sports and entertainment focuses on video games, which have an entirely dedicated fanbase of their own. Offering features that cater to esports fans opens up opportunities for brand collaborations, immersive experiences, introducing new products, and more.

Fan engagement

Your application development has a direct correlation to customer and fan engagement. Great ideas are necessary, but their execution is equally, if not more, important. You want to focus on the intricacies of product development. Offering a seamless and satisfying user interface is a good starting point, but visuals, features, and user experience are vital too.

High-quality, efficient streaming

No one wants streaming to lag, especially during a live event. While access to streaming events are more accessible than ever, quality streaming is vital. This gives fans the ability to watch their favorite events in any location with a cell signal or internet connection keeping them connected to your brand from anywhere. 

The list of benefits associated with immersive applications is quite vast. Companies can cater to more specific user services and benefits while increasing brand loyalty and engagement across the board. It all sounds great on paper, but you can only achieve proper execution with the help of the professionals in development.

Brands should never cut corners in terms of customer user experience, and every aspect of application development keeps this in mind. You want to generate longevity from users by giving them what they want in an intuitive way that keeps them returning.

The experts in application development

Shockoe has an extensive track record of application and product development. We understand the current needs and trends of the modern user base, as well as companies looking to grow. Apps for sports and entertainment are best developed by a team who understands development requirements and industry ins and outs.

Shockoe offers an all-in-one solution for unique applications from product design to mobile strategy, brand identity, marketing, and custom application development. You can guarantee you’ll receive a finished and polished application that exemplifies the purpose and vision of your company, services, and values.

To learn more about Shockoe, review the numerous case studies on our website. Each highlights a project that met the needs and requirements of many prominent brands across the world. 

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