When it comes to NFT development, having the right technical expertise is just part of the challenge. To create a successful NFT requires creative design, marketing prowess, and an exciting digital experience to build a piece of digital art worth having. The Shockoe team recently helped launch the Richmond Technology Council’s first NFT featuring artwork from Hamilton Glass to highlight the innovation and creativity of the Richmond community.

At Shockoe, we’re experts at creating impactful digital solutions. Whether it’s an NFT or a mobile app, our team knows it’s all about a connected experience. If you’re ready to embark on your first NFT here’s what you need to know to stand out and reach your users:

Find a timely hook

As a partner for the Richmond Technology Council, Shockoe works closely with the organization to promote the Richmond tech community and bring new tech leaders into the area. To highlight our community’s innovative spirit, we decided to launch the first Richmond Technology Council NFT at the Edge Conference, an annual event focused on the latest tech trends and big ideas shaking up the space.

Connecting the NFT launch to an event meant reaching a more engaged audience right away as everyone at the conference attendees were already excited and interested in the latest tech. This coupled with the partnership with local artist Hamilton Glass meant we were able to create a Richmond-focused NFT for a passionate base.  When it comes time for your NFT development process consider the ways your team can tailor your digital art to your potential buyers, doing so can help you stand out and reach users more easily.

Become an Educational Source

While NFTs are becoming more popular, there’s still confusion around what they are and how to access them. Our potential users weren’t just wondering how to develop an NFT, they were still trying to understand what an NFT is, and why they would want one. For our team, we knew educating potential NFT buyers would be critical to a seamless experience that was easy for users to navigate.

To start, we built FAQs and step-by-step instructions into the landing pages for the users, helping them navigate the process for the first time. Along with written instructions, our partner Ian Tyndall, the Managing Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Altria, developed video walkthroughs for those who preferred a more visual approach to the process. As you begin your NFT process sharing educational information with users is a great way to build trust in your brand and serve as an important resource to ensure your users are happy with the process.

Building the right visuals

One of the challenges with NFT development is the actual selling process – hinting at the art you’ll buy without giving it away. Because it’s a piece of digital art it can’t be shown like a physical product would in an online store, there needs to be a reason for users to purchase it and own it.

“For me as a designer, it was a chance to experiment, teasing themes and ideas in a new visual way. It’s very different from a lot of the work I do.” – Benjamin Camarena

Our designers set to work creating website visuals that would play on the colors and themes from Hamilton Glass, without showing the entire NFT. This would give users a hint at the concepts behind the NFT and ensure a branded experience. Throughout our NFT page Shockoe’s team relied on pops of colors and design elements that were inspired by the digital art. Be sure to work with the artist behind your NFT to bring their vision to life in all the materials you create for the launch. Doing so creates a recognizable experience for your users across every touchpoint.

Looking Beyond the NFT Launch

With any digital solution, it’s important to know its value for your business long term. After you’ve developed your NFT and launched it how will your team use it in the future? For example, the Shockoe team has been able to use the NFT for business partnerships, gifting it to the Mayor of Miami during our expansion to the city. Whether it’s building business relationships or as a new way to build brand engagement with your customers an NFT can be used to increase your company’s visibility and position you as an innovation leader.

The right strategy for an NFT or any digital solution requires planning. Think through what the future opportunities for your NFT are before it’s released to ensure it has the best success for your and your business’s goals.

Ready for What’s Next?

Whether you’re asking yourself how to develop an NFT that stands out, or wrestling with bigger questions like if it’s time for a digital experience refresh the Shockoe team can help. Our full-service team has over 10 years of experience creating award-winning digital products. From mobile apps that increase your bottom line, to immersive experiences that wow your users our team can guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.

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