A growth marketer can revise strategies to help grow your customer base, leading to increased profits. With a data-driven approach, a growth marketer can make a significant difference in how you connect with the target customer demographic.

Key takeaways:

What is a growth marketer?

In the marketing world, there are many different strategies that cater to various business outcomes. Although many of them are beneficial in their own right, some marketing strategies are a must-have. Growth marketing isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it takes a unique individual to truly drive results.

Working with a growth marketer can be helpful regardless of your industry, but it’s essential you look into their strategies to ensure the best results. In this day and age, data can benefit a business’s growth in multiple ways. Therefore, data analysis should be a core part of a growth marketer’s strategy, as it can lead to the most efficient and effective results.

Growth marketing also comes with a little trial and error, mainly because results are monitored for shifting key performance metric goalposts. A/B testing is a normal part of refining a marketing strategy, but you want to choose a growth marketer that knows how to navigate your customer demographic.

With a heavy focus on metrics and acquisition through different channels, a growth marketer aims to bring in new customers through an efficient sales funnel. Their job consists of back-to-back testing of various growth marketing strategies and then optimizing with the help of performance metric data. Their marketing strategies are refined with each test, so they should also be able to improve customer interest and retention.

Here are a few essential characteristics to consider in a growth marketer:

You want to choose a growth marketer that has previous first-hand experience. With the skills listed above, a growth marketer will keep a steady focus on the digital customer experience, which is vital for keeping existing customers interested while gaining new ones. 

Shockoe takes this approach with every one of our customers, and working with us guarantees our skill sets are adapted to your company’s growth marketing needs. 

There are some specific qualities any successful growth marketer should possess, three of which are outlined below.

3 qualities every growth marketer should have

Regardless of your business state, a growth marketer should be able to adapt to your needs. This genre of marketing requires a creative, adaptable, and innovative mindset. Consider the unique qualities listed below to ensure your business doesn’t waste time or money testing the waters. If you can find a growth marketer with these qualities, you’re headed in the right direction.

1. Offers data-driven directions

Experienced growth marketers understand the need to creatively connect with new and existing customers. Moreover, the data their strategies generate will allow them to refine those strategies by monitoring key performance metrics. They should also be able to adapt to changes in your particular market.

2. Dedicated to your product

Not only should a growth marketer know how to connect with your target audience, but they should have a thorough understanding and commitment to your product. If they know your product inside and out, they will be able to market it to your customer demographic successfully. Their aim should be to drive customer interest while testing the limitations of your product in different market segments.

3. Built for storytelling

Aside from monitoring data and key performance metrics, a growth marketer should know how to cultivate a compelling story, which is vital if you want to connect with new and existing customers. These stories should be effective with both indirect and direct marketing strategies, leading to authority in your target market while delivering engaging and informative content.

You’ll find that this is a particular expertise of ours at Shockoe. We have a core understanding of how good storytelling can affect the business and customer relationship. 

Now that you understand what a growth marketer should offer, it’s equally important to understand the different strategies they can deploy. Not all methods may be relevant to your business, and a growth marketer should be able to adapt the right plan for your needs.

Different types of growth marketing strategies

Although there’s no cookie-cutter approach to growth marketing, there are a handful of proven strategies. The loyalty strategy focuses on rewarding existing customers through various avenues, such as discounts after a certain number of purchases or access to a membership program.

An efficient and enticing onboarding strategy never hurts, either. If customers can sign up for your website without much hassle, they’re much more likely to stick around. Consider providing an easy sign-up process alongside simple yet effective tutorials to navigate your website or product.

Something you should always consider regarding the digital customer experience is consistent content marketing. Creating engaging, quality content relevant to your target customer is essential. Content should provide value to the customer and include a well-thought-out storytelling approach.

Working with an experienced growth marketer

The information provided in this article is critical to understand, as not all growth marketers operate the same way. You want to find the right person for the job who understands the key characteristics necessary to churn results for you.

Working with Shockoe guarantees you get the growth marketing you need and a track record that speaks for itself. We can also help you deliver immersive experiences to your customers through AR technology. Our growth strategies include everything mentioned in this article, including UX optimization, app store optimization, and planning for the future.

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