This weekend the team at Shockoe had the opportunity to visit and speak at tiConf 2014 Manhattan.  The guys from  Tipsy & Tumbler found an amazing venue in Midtown, blocks away from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.  Jeff Haynie opened up the conference on Saturday morning with an overview of Titanium and Appcelerator and then showcased some of the new features being released in June.   Jamil Spain wrapped up the weekend with the features and benefits the Appcelerator Platform gives its users.

All of the speakers had incredible content, but to summarize some of our favoirtes..

Jeff Haiyne (AppC Co-Founder) – Appcelerator and Titanium are quickly being adopted by some of the largest companies.  By using Titanium with the Appcelerator Platform, companies are eliminating point tools to scale mobile across the enterprise, they are driving further innovation with new app capabilities, and the platform is enabling them to measure the overall usage and success of the entire mobile app portfolio.  Some of the key facts he introduced include:  65,000 mobile apps deployed on over 200 million devices and more than 70% of Fortune 100 enterprises count on Appcelerator for their mobile success.  Check out his slides here:  AppC tiConf 2014

Matt Apperson (Apperson Labs) – Matt showed us how to use RapidDev by Apperson Labs to speed up the development of Titanium apps.  He also demo’d tools and techniques to improve app testing, check out his deck for more info:  RapidDev

Jamil Spain (AppC) – Jamil continued the day by talking about documentation best practices; documentation for software development is critical, but do we do it right.  Titanium brings an added level of challenge because of the cross platform capabilities, enter the npm module titanium-jsduck to save the day, read more here:  tiDev Documentation

Day two brought a series of incredible speakers again, while we cannot mention all of them, here is a quick summary about a few

Tony Lukasavage (AppC) – Tony kicked off Day Two with a conversation about tiAlloy.  He spoke about the roadmap, best practices, and stability.  Check out more about his presentation here:  Leaner and Meaner

Edwin Huertas & Alex Otanez (Shockoe) – Shockoe shared best practices focussed on building stronger partnerships with enterprise clients.  By using Titanium and the Appcelerator Platform, we spoke about creating long lasting client relationships and delivering faster enterprise innovation.

Trevor Ward (The Warped Coder) – Did you know that there are thousands of Mobile Device/OS permutations?  Trevor demo’d the setup process for the Genymotion emulator, a replacement for the standard Android emulator for development.  An easy to use tool that helps get passed a few of the testing pitfalls we all face.

A very special thanks goes out to Boydlee Pollentine and Tipsy & Tumbler for putting this event together

While we can’t mention the full speaker line-up, we had a blast in Manhattan, met some great people and learned a lot of new skills.  We are looking forward to the next tiConf.  Join us in Santiago Chile as we bring tiConf to Latin America fall 2014 –  tiConf Org