In the latest Haptic Feedback episode, host Dan Cui, VP of sales and business development, at Shockoe discusses the future of technology brought about by the pandemic with CEO Alex Otanez.

COVID-19 served as “the great change,” for technology, since the pandemic began technology advanced much faster. Alex explained, “Over the last 12 months, we have essentially progressed what would be equivalent of two to three years.”

They went on to discuss further how these rapid changes took place, attributing it to consumer changes. Consumers have come to expect more mature, complete experiences from the platforms they use, which has spurred the innovations happening. 

And when it comes to what’s next for mobile technology the two predict the industry will start seeing an emphasis on cohesive, multi platform solutions that ensure consumers have a more convenient, connected experience between devices. Dan added, “And this connection I think really has to do with customer satisfaction, customer engagement and customer loyalty. And I think that’s one of things we’ve been hearing when talking to enterprise customers… the customers are driving the need.”

Along with strong cross platform connections, both agreed security and privacy have grown in importance to consumers and the companies Shockoe works with. Creating solutions that are respectful and cognizant of consumer privacy and data are first and foremost in the future of mobile tech. 

To make this future a reality there will need to be stronger collaboration across the industry to ensure a seamless solution for consumers no matter which platform they use. This is where Shockoe comes in. As a multi platform mobile app expert for 10 years, Shockoe focuses on improving customer and employee satisfaction through technology innovation. “Not sharing too much of our secret sauce, but I think our approach to strategy is very unique in that it’s usable by clients and executable by developers.” The differentiating question Shockoe asks clients is: “How do you want your customer and team to feel?” 

Shockoe creates innovation that is measured, meaningful, and has an impact. We take a holistic approach to the potential of mobility for our clients, their customers and their employees. We invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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