Three ways predictive AI can improve your business

These days businesses are doing more with less, but technology like predictive AI can help. Broadly speaking, predictive AI uses the historical data you already have to recommend actions based on a potential future. Using it can help your business better anticipate your customers’ needs and create a more efficient business system, here’s how: 

  1. Forecast customer needs

Everything from the weather to the day of the week can impact what your customers need at this moment. For example, if the weather will be warmer, your customers might want ice cream instead of soup on a cold rainy day. Or the day before the Super Bowl customers might want beer, and the day after the Super Bowl need a coffee. Predictive AI can help you better understand what your customer might want so you can plan accordingly. 

2. Develop a personalized customer experience

Your customers have established brand loyalty with you, but how can you build on it and keep them coming back? Creating a personalized shopping experience can set you apart and reward your customers for shopping with you regularly. Through predictive AI you can better understand your customer’s patterns, how, when, and where they interact with you. When you’re able to understand who your customer is you can use tools like push notifications, or personalized brand rewards that improve their experience. 

3. Manage your stock

For your internal business operations, predictive AI can help as well. Understanding your past sales, trends in the industry and in your area, and the larger supply chain predictive AI can help you better stock your store to avoid over or under-stocking. This takes some of the guesswork out of your operations and can free up time for you to build an even stronger and seamless experience for your customers and employees. 

Predictive AI is one tool in your digital toolbelt to not only improve your users’ experience but also make your job easier. When coupled with a broader digital transformation strategy it can reshape your business and help you better meet your goals. At Shockoe, we work across the digital space to ensure every company can leverage digital to its full potential. Get started with us today

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Lauren Sawyer

Lauren Sawyer

February 14, 2022

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