It’s hard to have a conversation about tech today without the metaverse coming up. As the hottest new buzzword, the metaverse has come to dominate the digital space, but if you’re left feeling unsure of what exactly the metaverse is you’re not alone. While more and more companies are using the term, since Facebook changed its name to Meta over 500 mobile apps now mention the metaverse, what we mean when we talk about the metaverse can feel ambiguous. 

While the metaverse may feel like a fluid concept, as a business you can use the principles for it today to build the foundation for a more virtual world, stand out from your competitors, and be prepared for the metaverse when it arrives.

What do we mean when we say metaverse?

In short, the metaverse is the next wave of the internet. We see the metaverse as a shared space for synchronous virtual experiences. These can either be fully virtual, where users are based around the world but appear together in a virtual environment or through augmented reality, where the physical world around you still impacts your experience. For example, in the metaverse, you could use virtual reality to explore a new city with friends across the globe or rely on augmented reality to get directions to a physical coffee shop nearby. The important shared feature here is the synchronous nature. The metaverse happens in real-time, like the internet today, just because you aren’t interacting with it doesn’t mean it goes away. 

What does the metaverse mean for your business? 

If you aren’t a tech company you may think the metaverse doesn’t apply to you yet, or you may think just by adding the term metaverse to your existing solutions you’ll be all set, but it’s not that simple. No matter your vertical the evolution of the internet into the metaverse will impact your business, preparing now means a smoother transition and the ability to keep up with what your users want. For starters, consider your company’s current digital footprint, how can users interact with your brand digitally? Whether it’s a mobile app, chatbot, or in-store kiosk, now is the time to start building out your virtual brand today to prepare for tomorrow. 

In the weeks and months to come the Shockoe team will share more insights and tips on how to jumpstart your metaverse journey. 

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