Making the Metaverse Today

In our recent blog, we laid the foundation for what the metaverse is and isn’t, but with the actual metaverse years away does your business need to worry about it today? From our team’s experience working at the forefront of digital innovation, we always recommend companies take steps early to build a strong foundation for change in the future. In our new eBook, we highlight how investing in the five building blocks below can build the strongest foundation for your company to stand out in a digital future. 

Digital strategy

Strategy is the largest, and most foundational building block in any digital solution design, especially for a new space like the metaverse. Without the right strategy from the outset, your first foray into the metaverse will be much more challenging. Understanding the “why” as well as the “how” will help guide you in what you create in the metaverse and what you hope your users will gain through it. 

Augmented reality

From a filter for your picture on Instagram to a virtual try-on or Pokemon Go, at its core augmented reality means a virtual experience within the physical world. AR can be a great starting place for your digital transformation with its lower barrier to entry and use cases for both employees and customers. Consider using AR to improve employee training, or integrate it into customer interactions with your brand. 

Seamless experiences

When you are building your digital footprint it’s important to make sure a user can easily transition across platforms, and even to an in-person environment without missing a beat. Now and into the future always take time to consider what your users’ flow will look like, and continue to update your solutions to address pain points in your experiences. 

Virtual reality

Virtual reality provides an immersive digital experience for users. Because it will play such a crucial role in the future beginning to plan for your businesses’ virtual reality needs today will help you move quickly and seamlessly into the future. Consider how VR can fit into your business goals whether internal or external. 

Consumer engagement 

As we prepare for the future this is a chance to shore up your customer experience now and begin to understand how those same customer needs can translate into the metaverse. From protecting consumer data to improving customer engagement interacting with customers early and often in the best way to stand out. 

No matter where you’re at in your digital journey it’s time to jump into any (or all) of the five building blocks. Download our newest eBook for more insights and what the metaverse means for you. 

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Lauren Sawyer

Lauren Sawyer

March 16, 2022

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