As an extension of your brand, your mobile app should have its own distinct voice that communicates authentically with your consumers. Considering the major drivers of ‘how’ and ‘why’ consumers interact with your app will inform the most authentic way for your brand to communicate with them. Below are some things to consider when considering a strategy that aligns with your brand.

Find the Right Voice

The right tone between being an authority & relating to your consumer is a fine line. It’s different for every brand and will be informed by your target audience. People prefer to buy from people (and brands) they relate to. Communicating on the basis of truth and honesty sets that as the baseline and helps to establish trust with your users. This can be done when introducing new policies or when there is a problem, making sure your straight forward. Your voice should always align with your brand promise.

Be honest & approachable

Bold brands might win but don’t make claims that you can solve every problem under the sun for your customers. Approach your audience in a tone that’s human, honest and helpful while also being authoritative. When brands strike that balance in the messaging they create, they position themselves as being trusted partners versus just sellers of goods.

Be transparent

There is enough brand variety worldwide to make any consumer happy. Only your relationship with each individual will set you apart. When a customer can leave your app experience unsatisfied but connected to your narrative, they will return and tell their friends about their experience. This is one of the most powerful byproducts of brand transparency.

Know audience values

A huge part of brand loyalty lies in consumer’s values. Do they value ethical or domestic manufacturing practices? Or perhaps they care about charity commitments and want to feel like their money is going towards something altruistic. Social listening & focus groups can tell you specific language that highlights the most important values to focus on.

Add customer voices

Being transparent means that not only are consumers reading your side of things but are able to see how other consumers are interacting with the brand and what their peers are saying. This can be done with accessible reviews, comments, or by integrating a social aspect that gives an authentic narrative that isn’t controlled by your company’s agenda.

Create thoughtful content

Pushing relevant content adds value to how consumers interact with your brand which is important considering 41% of consumers admitted to unfollowing brands who fail to. Apps with utility should organically foster brand loyalty. Featuring things such as care tips for products or recipes shows that you’re considering their daily life and how your brand or products are a part of that.

Being smart about when to deploy Call-to-Actions

Show users the content they want to see and retarget them later with push notifications. It doesn’t always make sense to go straight to the call-to-actions even if that is the ultimate goal. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to feeling locked into actions falling into pushy marketing schemes.

Have a cohesive brand message

No matter what you’re saying, it should always support the core vision of your brand. Every communication touchpoint matters, which means a brand’s sense of self must shine through all of them.

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