In our last blog, we dove into what Web3 is and what to expect from the next wave of the internet. It’s difficult though to talk about Web3 without the metaverse. While the metaverse may be getting more headlines, the two are important to understand together when it comes to the future of the internet and how we interact digitally now and into the future. 

What is Web3 and what’s the metaverse?

Both represent the future of technology, in different ways. Web3 emphasizes a decentralized network, where no one company or entity controls the internet. Its main tenant is technology like blockchain which will provide security and allow users to be more in control of their own data and who it is shared with. The metaverse on the other hand is a virtual, synchronous environment built on technology like AR and VR. When you’re ready to dive in on the metaverse more make sure to check out our metaverse eBook, which lays out easy ways you can prepare for the metaverse now.

Which comes first? 

Like all good chicken and the egg type questions, there’s no clear-cut answer to which will come first the metaverse, or Web3. We’re seeing foundational parts of the metaverse take off now, including technologies like AR and VR, and there are ways companies can start creating their metaverse foundation today. So while the metaverse’s elements can succeed now, the concept as a whole will be more successful and reach its potential under Web3. The next phase of the internet is built with the focus on immersive experiences, like the metaverse, so its arrival will help move the metaverse and all immersive technologies to come. 

What’s the difference between Web3 and the metaverse?

While both are exciting advancements that piggyback off of each other, they do differ. Mainly, web3 is focused on decentralized data and blockchain. Its largest goal is to create a new internet system where users have more control over their data and who it is shared with. While the metaverse can also use technology like blockchain its strongest emphasis is on VR and AR. Both are important and both will change the way we interact virtually but at their core, they have fundamentally different focuses. 

At the heart of Web3 and the metaverse is the opportunity for innovation. As we look to the future of technology the Shockoe team is excited about the potential of these new technologies to drive positive, measurable change. No matter how far off Web3 and the metaverse may seem it’s never too early to start on your digital journey. When you’re ready for the next step contact our team today.

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