With hiring on the rise if your team is staffing up, consider adding immersive experiences to your onboarding strategy. Using tech like augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR) can improve the training experience, keep your team safe, and get everyone up to speed quickly. While you might be familiar with AR and VR from consumer-facing solutions like Pokemon Go, or filters on apps like Snapchat, these tools can reshape how you train new and existing employees and set you apart in your field.

Hands-on guided learning

For new employees, immersive tech like AR and VR can be great ways to experience on-the-job training. Instead of watching videos of others doing the work, new team members can experience the tasks with hands-on immersive learning. This can be a great way to train new employees on routine procedures, like a normal repair call, they can virtually complete each step in the process with prompts, and know when they’ve done it properly before moving on to the next step. 

Access experts from anywhere in the field

Even for existing employees, tech like AR and VR can improve their troubleshooting experience. Your company can’t send experts to every field call, especially at more remote sites, but with immersive solutions, your team can still have access to their expertise. For example, when the power goes down during a storm and crews need to fix lines from anywhere, immersive solutions can give them access to experts who can walk them through the fix, keeping the team on the ground safe and ensuring a speedy solution. 

Experience no matter the space

Opportunities for AR and VR are nearly endless across industries. For instance, in the medical field, immersive solutions are an incredible new frontier for training, without the risk to patients. Medical staff can run scenarios, explore anatomy, and practice procedures virtually to ensure the best outcomes in the real world. No matter what line of work you’re in, AR and VR have the potential to reshape the way you work. 

The future of employee training can be immersive, and your company can help lead the way. At Shockoe we’ve worked with companies to implement new immersive experiences, together we can find the right solution for you that meets your goals and prepares your company for the future. Get in touch with our team today to find out how. 

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