Are sporting events as we know them a thing of the past? In recent years attendance at in-person sports events has been on the decline, in fact, MLB attendance was down 6% in 2022. And while the pandemic certainly had an impact, these declines were occurring before the lockdowns that sent fans to their TVs – college football attendance has been declining for seven straight seasons.

While there’s still nothing that can beat the excitement of an in-person game, with rising ticket prices and better streaming options it’s no wonder getting fans to attend is harder than ever. Savvy sports teams though know the latest tech advances like generative AI and extended reality are ready to turn that L into a W, and set new records along the way.

In this article we’ll look at:

  • How the latest innovations like generative AI in sports and immersive experiences can create new excitement around in-person sporting events
  • Ways to engage fans before the event, during the game, and keep them coming back for more
  • The role mobile apps play in the fan experience, for better or worse

Generative AI in sports – getting fans back to the game

Any sports fan wants to be the MVP, and generative AI in sports can deliver that personalized experience for each and every fan. Teams can integrate generative AI tools into their fan outreach through email, social media, and their existing apps to create a custom interaction for each fan, every time. Using past data on your user’s engagement with your brand along with best practices for generative AI in marketing and sales you can quickly create relevant content, promoting the games your fan might be interested in, the promotions that apply to them, or the tailored offer that makes each fan feel like your number one.

Immersive experiences and the stadium – a new way to engage

Getting fans to the stadium is only half the battle, once they’re there it’s vital to create a new experience that’s worth in-person attendance. Our team has seen the potential for immersive experiences using augmented reality to build excitement at events and create new ways to engage, just check out our article on it. Immersive experiences can offer fans a new way to see highlights and stats and keep up with the information on and off the field. Doing so creates a memorable new way to engage with the sports your fans love and separates your in-person stadium experience from watching at home.

Less hassle, more game time – robust mobile apps for fans

Wowing fans with the latest immersive tech is only half of the battle, your entire stadium experience needs to be memorable, intuitive, and easy. Fans are used to a digital world filled with convenience, and your event needs to match. By focusing on building a mobile companion for your fans that makes the in-person experience easier and more enjoyable you can create a lasting experience of the game, not the long line at the bathroom. From easy access to digital tickets to suggestions for what to eat nearby your mobile app can serve as a concierge for fans in attendance, just like the PGA Tour recently did, offering its fans an easier way to explore their surroundings without missing a beat.

Creating a league of your own

Investing in the latest digital innovations benefits both your fanatic fans and your everyday fans, offering you opportunities to grow both and build loyalty and engagement. But getting fans back means thinking creatively and standing out. Knowing your fans “why” and building a new, exciting experience can get fans back in seats and keep them coming back for years ahead. At Shockoe, we’re sports fans who build the latest in digital experiences. From generative AI in sports to the leading mobile apps our team works with you every step of the process to create a measurable, impactful solution built for your fans. Get started with us today to see how.

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