A Unified Shopping Experience of the Future

Omnichannel has been a buzzword in retail and grocery for years, but the 2023 Groceryshop featured the rise of the unified shopping experience. As the next in our grocery trends deep dive, the Shockoe team is ready to share our vision for a unified shopping experience future, and what it means for you and your shoppers.

What is a unified shopping experience?

Similar to the term omnichannel, unified shopping experience means a new way to provide your customers with a seamless grocery trip. It builds on the consumer demand for easy and intuitive ways to shop that blend the digital and physical worlds together. Whether it’s allowing shoppers to place their grocery order through their phone and pickup in store, or saving favorite products or coupons to access quickly at the store, unified shopping is a way to make grocery shopping easier and faster.

Unified Shopping for Your Customers

For customers, a unified shopping experience has moved from a nice to have, to an expectation. Your shoppers expect a seamless and intuitive shopping experience that moves with them from their phones to your physical store. Not only that, but in the grocery space customer interactions are often quick, with shoppers in a hurry to get home. With the right focus on a unified shopping experience, you can create a faster and more enjoyable shopping trip that builds brand loyalty in the process.

We might be biased as a mobile app agency but when it’s time to prioritize experiences that blend the digital and physical worlds you’ll want to make sure you have a robust mobile app as a starting point. Creating a customer-friendly app that’s up-to-date, intuitive, and includes the personalized features your shoppers want like list making and digital coupons will ensure your digital channels meet the demand for a quality and seamless experience.

Unified Shopping and Your Team

Once your shoppers are at the store it’s still important to create features and solutions that reemphasize the seamless nature of shopping at your stores. Efficiency of pricing and inventory updates across all your potential touchpoints is important for meeting customer expectations.

And remember, digital innovations don’t have to be limited to interactions outside your store. Think about new technology touchpoints that can streamline the shopping process and reduce potential frustration when customers are at your store. Take Hy-Vee for example. To help customers quickly find the products they need they implemented an in-store kiosk to locate products, view sale ads, and find nutritional information. Solutions like this ensure your customers are taken care of at every potential touch point and have the best experience possible.

Getting to the Unified Future

Creating a seamless and intuitive shopping experience in the grocery space is a must. But getting there can feel challenging between tight deadlines and competing internal priorities. Our team at Shockoe is here to help at every step of the process, creating measurable solutions that drive sales and increase brand loyalty. Reach out today to see how we can support your team.

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