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What is App Strategy?

At Shockoe strategy sets us apart, our entire team is focused on creating outcomes, not just outputs for our clients. For us, that means taking a holistic view of your challenges and opportunities and crafting the right tailored solution for you and your company. Through research, planning, and analytics we can lay the foundation for what’s to become your game-changing digital solution. Without a thoughtful intentional app or product strategy process, we know digital solutions can’t succeed, that’s why we see it as a key layer in everything we create.

Do You Need to Invest in Strategy?

Making a strong investment in strategy is vital to laying the foundation for the success of your digital solutions. Without a robust plan in place and research to back it up, it’s hard to know you’re on the right path and that your investment will pay off. While taking the time to lay out a strategy may not seem as flashy as other aspects of a digital solution, it’s paramount to its success. At Shockoe, our product strategy can be seen throughout the development process, from start to finish our team of strategists is involved in your digital solution development to ensure it’s on track. We see this as a critical element to every project, building a foundation for why the solution is needed, what it can accomplish, and who it will impact are key to our award-winning work.

Shockoe’s Approach to Market Research

We begin our process with the discovery phase. During the discovery phase, we focus on market research. Because your digital solution doesn’t exist in a vacuum, we use market research to shape our understanding of your new digital innovation opportunities. This ensures we create a clear roadmap to meet your goals and help you stand out from your competitors while exceeding your users’ expectations. Our team completes a deep dive into your competitors and their solutions, lessons learned and takeaways from across industries’ best-in-class solutions, and feedback from your consumers and internal stakeholders to see what makes an impactful solution. When our team finishes this phase, we’ll compile this research and let it guide the roadmap we create for your digital product moving forward.

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Roadmapping in App Strategy

Building on our market research the Shockoe team creates a tailored product roadmap to meet your goals and metrics. Your custom roadmap becomes the center of our product development process, identifying the features we recommend investing in, and why. These features are backed by our research, meaning the innovations you invest in will pay off well into the future. We believe nothing should be done without purpose, and using our strategy throughout the development process means each choice and decision is backed by our insights and knowledge.

Impact of Analytics & Insights on App Strategy

Nothing we create at Shockoe is without analytics, without them you’ll never effectively measure impact. Our product strategy team oversees analytics for each of our clients, together we’ll create the dashboards you’ll need to measure your project’s success. Dashboards are a great way to visually convey information to internal stakeholders and highlight the benefits and impact a digital investment has had. We’ll help you interpret the data and adapt your existing solutions to get you the results you need now and into the future, our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your digital product performs the way we intend. Mobile app development is always changing, but with the right analytics in place, you’ll have the insights necessary to stay ahead of the competition and continue to meet your users’ expectations.

How Analytics and Insights Impact Your Product Strategy
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Need Help Choosing What to Focus on?

Sometimes the hardest part in a digital product process is choosing what problem to solve first. When your company is facing a number of potential pathways forward to improve the user experience, increase revenues, or begin a new service line prioritizing and planning are key.

Our product strategy team knows how to guide you in an exploration of your pain points and help you determine the right next step. Together we can create a plan that works for your team built on research, data, and years of experience across industries.

Our Approach to Meaningful Metrics

One way our award-winning strategy work stands out above the rest is our focus on meaningful metrics. Knowing the difference between valuable data and less useful insights is critical to success and measurable change for your investment.

Our product strategy team uses a number of frameworks to guide our understanding of your digital products opportunities, from the HEART framework to North Star metrics and everything in between we’ll bring our best-in-class knowledge of industry standards and best practices to create a solution that plays an important role in your larger business.


Our Approach to Meaningful Metrics

What Sets Shockoe Apart

At Shockoe, we’ve spent over 12 years crafting the future of digital with measurable impact. Our team of strategists has years of experience guiding organizations across industries to find meaningful measurable solutions for their business. They’re leaders in their space, sharing their expertise with peers and leaders at industry events and conferences. As part of our larger team of innovators, Shockoe’s strategists work hand in hand with our designers and developers to ensure each solution is crafted with product strategy in mind. With a foundation in strategy, our award-winning solutions deliver on the needs of our clients and help pave the way for a more predictive, immersive, and connected future.

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