Digital Transformation

We help organizations integrate tailored digital solutions into every part of their business by rethinking how their people use technology.

Shockoe believes everyone – every department, employee, and customer – benefits from better inventory and asset management. From SKUs to data files, standalone stores to global supply chains, factory production to omnichannel shopping, we merge existing systems and processes with new functionality and form factors. The result is a workflow that is free from the constraints of “one-size-fits-all”.

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Create a Connected Workforce

At headquarters. On the floor. In the field. A workforce needs to stay connected. Shockoe can help mobilize your workforce, improve employee collaboration and data gathering with a multi platform mobile app that’s built to meet the unique needs of your business ann team.

A.C. Moore

Designing a new app for AC Moore meant meeting the needs of HQ and sales associates, all in a seamless platform that worked with their legacy server-side systems.

Faster Access to Data and Business Intelligence

Paper and email based systems can leave employees with doubts and delays. We work to digitize and integrate forms, visualize reports, and track the performance of your front line teams. Giving managers instant access to the answers they need that are vital to your business.


When data entry was causing delays and lost revenue, we helped ONEOK move into the digital world with a solution built for their employees in the field.

Increase Productivity & Reduce Operational Costs

Facilitate working from anywhere while being able to access important information when and where your employees need it. This minimizes infrastructure costs and reduces the data cleanup process by focusing on mobile data entry.


We helped Valacta move into a digital space by developing a solution that took security, ease of use, and scalability into account.

“Shockoe features a collaborative and detail-oriented team. They took ownership of the project and strived to make it unique.”

– Somebody, Virginia Commonwealth University