Growth Marketing

Increase Users & Engagement

You’ve got a great digital product, but you’re ready for more – users that is.

There’s no one solution to your company’s growth strategy, that’s where our collaboration comes in.

Users & Engagement

What is Growth Marketing?

When we say growth strategy we’re thinking of your next step, the design or feature that brings in new users, increases engagement, and creates more revenue.



It’s important to strategize with your team about how the users you have came into your app and how you can increase that number.


We look at the current app metrics to see what features & functionalities are encouraging engagement and what needs help.


You can continue to optimize the app to ensure people are able to easily find and purchase the products & services they need.

Why Do You Need a Growth Strategy?

We’ve found that the mantra if they build it they will come doesn’t work the same way anymore. There’s steep competition for users and a growth strategy can enhance your digital product investment.

Using a growth strategy can influence:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Engagement
  • Increase revenue

How Shockoe Can Help!

When you work with Shockoe you’re already one step ahead for a growth strategy. Analytics and metrics are an integral part of everything we create. Together we’ll build on these metrics to test out new strategies and techniques that can drive your business’ growth.

Some of the ways we do that are:

  • AB Testing
  • False door testing
  • Customer segmentation
  • Targeted app messaging
  • App store optimization

Growth Marketing

Pet Paradise App Growth

Pet Paradise needed an app that encouraged reservation booking online instead of through phone calls. 

Shockoe built them an app that cut call reservations by 30% YoY, increased online/mobile booking to almost half, and increased add-on services by 12%. 

Check out this case study to learn more about Pet Paradise and Shockoe’s app growth strategy plan.

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What Sets Shockoe Apart?

At Shockoe, we’ve been crafting the future of digital with measurable impact since 2010. Our team of strategists has years of experience guiding organizations across industries to find meaningful measurable solutions for their business. They’re leaders in their space, sharing their expertise with peers and leaders at industry events and conferences.

We take our customers and their apps to the next level, not stopping at the product release but continuing on to measure and optimize for growth and success.

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