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App development is at the core of Shockoe’s work. Our product development team brings your vision and goals to life with a unique digital solution that’s sustainable and scalable for you.

At Shockoe, our product development work is blended with design and strategy to ensure an intuitive, measurable, and impactful digital solution.

Build & Test

What is App Development?

App development is the process of building and testing your app concept. Prior to this part, you’ve worked with the team to strategize and design the ideal product. Now, you develop the app and test it before releasing it to the intended audience.



Take your goals, strategy, plan, and design and put it into action. Build that app!


Next, spend a good portion of time testing and debugging. It takes a lot of working and reworking to make a perfect app.


It’s time for UAT (User Acceptance Testing). Stakeholders need to check that the app fulfills its purpose.

Shockoe’s Focus on Product Sustainability & Scalability

Investing in a new digital solution shouldn’t mean more work for your internal team. Our focus is on products that are sustainable for your company, creating the right tools that you can maintain without added burden on your team. We’ll work with you to develop the best solutions that encourage scalability while providing maintenance you can manage.

Our Product Development Background

The Shockoe team brings a unique experience to your product development process. Our team members have worked on projects across industries to drive innovation, solving unique challenges with first-in-class solutions.

Using industry best practices with native and cross-platform app development as well as cloud technologies we’ll collaborate with you to understand your challenges and create a unique solution that works for you and your users.

Building Digital Solutions for the Future

Our team’s expertise doesn’t stop at mobile, we’ve developed cutting-edge solutions across industries to drive change and meet needs.

From immersive experiences like augmented reality and virtual reality to wearables and kiosks, our product development process is tailored to each solution’s unique needs, meaning you get a custom, sustainable, and scalable solution.


App Development

Grocery Store AR App

When it was time to reimagine the in-store shopping experience, Shockoe stepped up.

The team at Shockoe developed a grocery store AR app that allowed users to create a grocery list in their app and then launch the wayfinding solution in the store to show them how to get to each item.

Check out this case study to learn more about how augmented reality is changing the grocery experience.

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What Sets Shockoe Apart?

At Shockoe, we’ve spent over 12 years crafting the future of digital with measurable impact. Our team of strategists has years of experience guiding organizations across industries to find meaningful measurable solutions for their business. They’re leaders in their space, sharing their expertise with peers and leaders at industry events and conferences.

As part of our larger team of innovators, Shockoe’s developers work hand in hand with our strategists and designers to ensure each solution is crafted with product strategy in mind. With app development at our core, our award-winning solutions deliver on the needs of our clients and help pave the way for a more predictive, immersive, and connected future.

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