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Our design work means your solution will stand out from the crowd and build the foundation for a strong brand that leads with your product and solutions first.

We blend industry best practices in app design with new innovative tactics and techniques to bring your brand to life and leave your users with a “wow” experience every time.

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What is App Design?

How many times have you downloaded a mobile app to be unimpressed by the user experience? Or confused with the interface for what should be a helpful in-store digital solution? App design is exactly how it sounds, the design of an app. Without the right app design, even the greatest digital product won’t be used to its full potential. At Shockoe, we create intuitive, seamless product experiences for users built on a foundation of design and development.



Assess and gather the stakeholders’ requirements including business, technical, and user needs.


Design a product blueprint that includes architecture, design direction, & roadmap so the project is well-aligned.


Document and discuss all thoughts and plans to ensure alignment across leadership for a successful long-term product.

Shockoe’s Approach to Creative Direction

Over time, digital solutions can start to look the same, mobile apps follow the same layout, kiosks use the same design elements, and websites follow the same user flow. For our team, a strong creative direction means empowering your brand to stand out from your competitors and exceed user expectations.

We’ll work together to make products that lead the way in design, becoming the gold standard for others. Leveraging the right creative direction for your company means breaking out of the same old mold of your competitors to find the design elements that work best for you and your users.

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Why Does Branding Matter?

Not sure what is product design and how it fits with your digital brand? Shockoe works with companies to design a brand that’s built around the products you offer. We believe your solutions and values should guide the branding for your digital solutions. We’ll work with your team to identify your brand voice, imagery, and messaging and ensure it translates into your product and its design elements.

And if you’re not sure what your company’s brand means for the digital world, that’s ok too! We’ve worked with companies across industries to create brands from the ground up. So whether it’s starting from scratch to create your entire brand aesthetic, or updating your existing brand to be more digitally driven we’ve got the expertise to help. Our product branding experience sets us apart and is focused on lifting up the exciting product you’ve created.

What are Design Systems?

One of our goals at Shockoe is to improve the experience for your internal teams, our work should make your lives easier, not harder. Design systems play a key role in that. Think of design systems as the internal product we’ll create together, with your engineers and development team as our end users.

Design systems play a key role in successful product design, creating a roadmap and foundation we can turn back to through every update and refresh to ensure continuity and consistency. Not only are design systems great for improving ease of use for your internal teams, but they’ll also help your end users have a great experience every time they use one of your digital solutions.

The Power of Usability Testing

At Shockoe, we believe to design the best digital products you have to listen first and foremost to the people that use it, or that you hope will use it with the right adjustments. Our product design team won’t rely on our assumptions, we’ll work directly with your users and internal stakeholders to create the right solution for them.

Through usability testing, we’ll find the right design elements and solutions for your users to ensure you reach your business goals. Using the feedback we gather from usability testing we’ll adjust and adapt to ensure we create a measurable and meaningful experience.

Interaction Design & The Final Product

Whether it’s a mobile app or a new 3D element for an immersive experience, our team stays on top of the latest trends and research to create digital products that exceed user expectations.

Our work in interaction design takes into account not just the technology, but the human element of technology, focusing on creating digital experiences that delight your users and provide an experience they’ll want to return to. Our team is well-versed in interaction design and will ensure your final product is intuitive and easy to use for your end users, helping you meet your end goals.

When does product design matter?

The Power of Usability Testing

Creating a well-designed solution isn’t just for consumer-facing products, if your solution is internally facing as well you’ll need quality product design. Investing in a solution that puts design front and center means you’re creating a tool that’s easy to use and effective. For internal teams that might mean easy access to timesheets, or for consumers, it might mean a simple guide to walk them through a booking process.

No matter what your solution addresses, make sure you take app design into account to ensure your investment is worth it.

App Design

Winn-Dixie Mobile App

Winn-Dixie was pulling the plug on their current app and it was up to Shockoe to design their new app,

We explored their wants and needs including ensuring the new app had a strong loyalty rewards program, outlined real, attainable goals, and went to work.

Check out the Winn-Dixie case study to learn more about how our app design tripled their user count in weeks.

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What Sets Shockoe Apart?

From answering questions like what is product design to helping you identify your digital brand Shockoe can strengthen your organization through our work in product design. Your product design expert works closely with the entire team at Shockoe to ensure a seamless development process that results in high-caliber award-winning work for you, all without the added hassle.

As experts in design, you’ll have access to leading innovations that make your solution intuitive, beautiful, and impactful for your end users.

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