VRARA Enterprise Summit at LiveWorx

Shockoe is packing its bags and heading to Boston this June to join today’s thought leaders in the enterprise VR/AR application space.

LiveWorx is an annual digital transformation conference that connects technology thought leaders and enterprise innovators from every major industry. The three-day conference provides an opportunity to learn about, discuss, and engage with the latest emerging technologies impacting consumers and businesses today. From robotics to augmented reality applications, companies that are looking to invest in the latest forms of digital transformation will learn more about ways of disrupting their own industry and harnessing the latest technology has to offer.

Conquering Adoption Anxiety and Delivering Results

Shockoe’s Director of Emerging Technology, Dan Cotting, will be a keynote presenter at Monday’s co-located VR/AR Association Enterprise Summit. Dan’s talk, titled “Conquer Adoption Anxiety and Deliver a Rapid Return on Enterprise VR/AR” will examine how enterprises can pursue VR/AR initiatives using a strategic, measurable, and impact-driven approach. Take a look at some of the topics we’ll cover:

Developing an Emerging Technology Strategy
Implement a sound strategy focused on incremental, pragmatic improvements. Determine which devices, features, and services to implement, and when to implement them.

Harnessing Implementation Analytics
Identify KPIs early and reference them often to keep implementation on course and allow for quick corrections when needed.

Leveraging Existing Systems
It takes more than an end-user device to implement emerging technology. Understand how to tie-in to your existing service layer to compound benefits and reduce the long term investment.

Deploying for a Shifting Workforce
Delivering on the promise of emerging technology can be complicated with an aging workforce. By leveraging internal “evangelists”, organizations can facilitate user adoption, and minimize training costs.