We’ve got our sunscreen packed and we’re ready to lend our knowledge at Future Stores Miami by speaking and moderating on digital unification for retail customer experiences.

Future Stores brings together retail executives from across the country to discuss how re-imagining physical stores is the key to growth in today’s retail environment. This event provides attendees with success stories and insights to build a strong omni-channel strategy.

Some of the talks & panels we’re most excited to contribute are:

  • Omnnichannel Is Not Enough: Empowering Buying In A Mobile-Obsessed World
  • Panel Discussion Remix: Adapting Your Retail Experience To Be In Tune With Your Customer & Product

Today’s successful customer experience means a unified journey across channels. Mobile retail technology has the potential to touch a customer’s life in meaningful ways like never before. The doors of opportunity are open to creating this seamless, consistent experience & we’re excited to be a part of that at this conference.

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