Hy-Vee In-Store Kiosk App

Hy-Vee In-Store Kiosk App

Rethinking the grocery experience

Hy-Vee is on a mission to innovate and improve the grocery shopping experience. The latest solution for shoppers? In-store kiosks to search for products, view product information, browse the weekly ad, and update their shopping list in their mobile app.

Creating the grocery store of the future

Hy-Vee turned to Shockoe to create a kiosk that can help customers navigate the store and find what they need quickly. The Hy-Vee kiosk allows customers to search for a product, find available options along with pricing information, and see which aisle it’s on. From there, shoppers can use the store map available in the kiosk to navigate to the product’s location.

Security and management

  As a public-facing device, we needed to ensure the Hy-Vee kiosk would always be available to customers when they need it. Focusing on building the right backend was critical to ensuring the app couldn’t be closed or manipulated and was usable and reliable for Hy-Vee shoppers and manageable for Hy-Vee store employees.

A unique measure of success

  At Shockoe, our apps are normally available for users to download on their devices so our metrics focus on acquisition and retention. But with the Hy-Vee kiosk app running on a public device, we measured usage with sessions (not users) and tracked engagement based on successful searches. We also evaluated customer satisfaction with the kiosk by prompting an in-app survey that asked if and how the kiosk was helpful for them.

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