The Fast-Changing world of Finance Tech

por Jul 26, 2018

On this episode, our host, Mason Brown, interviews financial industry influencers, Paul Nolde, NVR Director, Chris Mowry, Capital One, Director of UX Strategy & Engineering, and Jamie Young, Director of Experience Design. Together they investigate the many problems facing FinTech today, the most exciting trends on the horizon, and where tech can measurably improve the lives of finance consumers tomorrow.

What is Mobile By Design?

This show was started by Shockoe, a mobile app development shop based in Richmond, Virginia whose goal is helping companies create better tools to improve utility for their customers and employees. We’re a podcast about all things technology, business, and design.

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Episode 2: The Fast-Changing world of Finance Tech

por Shockoe | Mobile by design

In this episode you will hear more on:

  • How is utility playing a role in the financial space? For consumers or for employees?
  • In a seemingly ever-expanding field of consumer finance apps – roboadvisors, neo-banks, savings enhancers, credit managers – how does a consumer (or an investor) decide which one(s) will win out?
  • What are the most important UX and UI considerations when designing for financial services customers? What are some of the tradeoffs between additional security and usability?
  • Regulations are a big part of any industry, but especially so within Financial Services. How do companies look at potential Mobile Solutions in such a heavily regulated industry?
  • When should financial institutions build their own digital solutions vs. leverage partners solutions or acquiring a startup tech?
  • What is the big disrupter in finance? What will be the thing to make the big shift in financial services?

Thank you for listening! This podcast is produced and directed by Olya Polishchuk. Our host is Mason Brown. Follow us on Twitter @shockoe and Instagram @shockoe_rva

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