Civic Innovation and Technology: Bettering the City

por Ago 22, 2018

On this episode on Mobile by Design, we are joined by Richmond’s First District City Council, Andreas Addison, to sit with our Marketing Coordinator, Olya, and our host, Mason Brown, to discuss civic innovation and technology as it relates to a fast-growing city. Join us as we dive into topics including city innovation projects and Code for America and what steps government officials are taking to bring a bustling tech sector and a growing city to work together.

Civic Innovation occurs at the intersection of transformational ideas with data, technology, and inclusive engagement cultivated by strategic engagement. Andreas Addison is in the center of this with an impressive list of projects. You can connect with Andreas on Twitter y LinkedIn.

What is Mobile By Design?

This show was started by Shockoe, a mobile app development shop based in Richmond, Virginia whose goal is helping companies create better tools to improve utility for their customers and employees. We’re a podcast about all things technology, business, and design.

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Civic Innovation

por Shockoe | Mobile by design

In this episode you will hear more on:

  • Civic technologies and larger innovative projects being undertaken by Richmond.
  • What is Code for America and how have Andrea’s experiences played a role in his political career.
  • What are the limitations and challenges of embracing innovative technologies as a city?
  • Open Data and Open Gov – what’s been challenging toward the success of these projects?
  • How is Richmond distinguishing itself as one of the world’s leading cities for technology development? How will we make Richmond a more technology-driven city?
  • Which exciting technology initiatives is Richmond pursuing in the future?


Thank you for listening! This podcast is produced and directed by Olya Polishchuk. Our host is Mason Brown. Follow us on Twitter @shockoe and Instagram @shockoe_rva

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