New technologies don’t have to cause a fright for your team. This Halloween the Shockoe team is excited to dig our fangs into these solutions:

Wearables have become increasingly prevalent, and consumers expect them to be an extension of their other platforms. Whether it’s push notifications, or entirely new solutions, wearables offer an exciting space for connecting with consumers and building larger brand loyalty.   

Spooky tip: Avoid becoming the next Frankenstein by creating a custom strategy for wearables. Trying to make your mobile apps work in a wearable format can lead to confusion and a poor user experience.  

Creating great solutions for kiosks can be like giving out the big size candy bars on Halloween, unexpected but game changing for your users. Our partners at Vocinity are leading the way on voice technology, including kiosks, peer into their crystal ball to learn about the future of voice in our recent Haptic Feedback podcast.

Spooky tip: Kiosks should help, not hinder, the customer experience. To keep your users from entering the technology twilight zone, make sure you understand the uncanny valley.

Realidad Aumentada
Augmented reality is a great way to engage customers in your brand’s experience, improve employee training, or create a solution that makes your customers’ lives easier. Take PlayARt, we created a new way to enjoy music through AR so users could interact with their favorite songs in the real world.

Spooky tip: Treat, don’t trick your customers to a fun Halloween experience this year with spooky AR filters. Unique timely content can keep users coming back to your solution time and again.

No matter the time of the year, when you’re ready to explore new technology spaces the Shockoe team is here to help! Get in touch with us today. 

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