Consumers spend on average 4 hours per day using mobile apps, but most of that time is spent on big named apps like Facebook, Amazon, TikTok or Google. That leaves companies vying for just a portion of that four hours each day. Here’s how to make the most of your consumers’ time and stand out from the crowd.

1. Ask Not What Your Customer Can Do For You
In a recent survey, nearly 8 in 10 consumers said they won’t download an app just to complete a transaction. Make sure your mobile app adds to your customer’s experience and makes interacting with you easier. Use solutions like Firebase to better understand how your customers are using your app, where pain points may exist, and adapt accordingly. 

2. Create New Connection Points
Outside of mobile how do your customers interact with you? Your mobile app should be an extension of the customer experience. Integrate mobile into other customer interactions when possible or consider if your app can remember your customers favorite order, or their delivery information. Make your mobile app another touch point with customers that’s just as easy as every other interaction.

3, Keep Your Goal Focused 
With just a few minutes to grab a user’s attention and keep them engaged with your app determine at the beginning of your project your app’s goal. Use a strategic framework to find your goal and build from there. Doing so will create an easier to use app for your customers and ensure you see the return you hope for.

4. Measure, Adjust, Repeat
Metrics are key to a successful app, and they get better with time. Set metrics like returning and new user counts, session duration, and how your app is driving conversions. First and foremost set goals that are meaningful to your organization and its intent with your app. Come back to your metrics often to get a sense of trends, and adjust your app accordingly. 

With more apps released each day bringing users in, and keeping them engaged with your app is more important than ever. But with a focus on simplicity, customer needs, and adaptability you can create a solution that meets your needs and the customers. 

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