The Meet-Up Overview: 

Shockoe would like to provide a space for the RVA React Native community to share its knowledge and grow together. There are many options today for creating mobile applications, and React Native is a great solution for a cross-platform approach. Join us to strengthen the community by bringing in new developers and sharing our knowledge with one another!

Cost of Attendance:

Time & Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

3122 W Marshall Street #201
Richmond, VA 23220

This group and meet-up events are open to both advanced and beginner users. 

What We’ll be Covering:

Join us for another exciting deep drive into React Native. Senior developer Andrew Rumbley will take us into the world of remote config. Come and learn how to use Firebase Remote Config cloud service with React Native to change the behavior and appearance of your app without requiring users to download an app update.

I’m a Beginner- What’s React Native?

React Native is a framework, backed by Facebook, for creating cross platform applications. React Native essentially cuts developer effort in half by removing the need for an isolated codebase for each platform. This is achieved by allowing developers to write JavaScript code, which maps to native elements, and can be ran on both iOS and Android. That allows for a smooth transition from web developers that are already used to creating single page applications with JavaScript.

This cross platform idea is not a new one.

Cordova and Ionic achieve a similar goal by utilizing WebViews. Developers actually create websites that are ran on mobile. Plugins are provided to interact with native APIs where needed. This means that all of the UI is not truly native, but instead just a website. UX can suffer when going this route.

Flutter is also not a native experience, but it is not web either. Flutter provides its own UI engine that is super fast and runs on both platforms. The development team has created components that mimic native Android and iOS components, but do not always behave identically. UX will generally be better with Flutter than a pure web solution, but integration with native elements can be strange.

React Native, NativeScript, and Titanium, and Xamarin all allow for a developer to write in JavaScript that then drives true native components. Xamarin falls into this category as well, but it substitutes JavaScript for C#. This approach isn’t flawless, but it does utilize native components instead of attempting to mimic a native feel. We feel that React Native is the strongest in this category due to its dependency on React and the outstanding support from the React Native community.

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Interested in coming? We’d love to meet you!

Meet Your Hosts:

Andrew Rumbley

Andrew Rumbley

Cross-Platform Development Lead

Andrew is a Senior Mobile Developer focused on creating quality user experiences. He is a full stack developer with experience working on every piece of a mobile application from backend APIs to frontend UI. Andrew is passionate about creating high performing native applications. He also has the distinguished mantle of being the longest-tenured developer at Shockoe.

Kevon Adonis

Kevon Adonis

Full-Stack Development Lead

Kevon Adonis is a senior full stack developer with 12 years of development experience spanning Java, PHP, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. Being a certified AWS Solutions Architect, Kevon also brings cloud solution and dev-ops experiences to the table. When not writing code, Kevon focuses on algorithm analysis and computational theories that impact his everyday coding challenges.