Globetrotting: Shockoe at MWC19 Barcelona

por Ene 31, 2019

As we have done in previous years, Shockoe will be attending MWC19 Barcelona in a few weeks. Formerly known as the Mobile World Congress, this is the largest mobile event in the world and we are looking forward to learning more about leading-edge technology with innovation leaders from all over. This year’s theme is “Intelligent Connectivity”, which will focus on AI, Industry 4.0, Connectivity, Immersive Content, Disruption Innovation, Digital Wellness, Digital Trust, and The Future.

While we are excited to attend the event to learn, we are also eager to showcase our work as an exhibitor at the event along with our partner, Goo Apps. At Shockoe, we understand that every solution is different and we tailor each to best fit the client’s business objectives. We also know technology is ever evolving and we are excited to be at the forefront of the crusade to bring new technology into mobile apps; to enhance and improve customer experience. Here are some benefits of AR that we have found make profound impacts from both consumer and enterprise perspectives:

Object Visualization
In a world where people want to know how something looks on themselves or in a particular space, AR enables consumers to do this without even going to the store. People can see how a different type of flooring would look in their house or how a pair of glasses looks on their face.


The integration between the real world and AR’s technology can strongly benefit training by leveraging object recognition and data superimposition. The combination of head-mounted displays and environmental recognition allows businesses to train their employees more quickly.


Businesses want to improve workflow and processes, and AR can play a big role in making that happen. Workers can leverage AR to find equipment or parts quicker and even be directed to the next step visually. Managers can see the real-time progress of projects or the state of merchandise in a flow. Enterprise IoT integration allows for scalable and flexible visualization opportunities.


Customer Service
Instead of waiting on the phone to talk to someone, AR can help provide tools to allow customers to fix issues themselves. They can simply point their phone at the product and an overlay can be displayed to walk the person through the repair process.

If you are attending the event, please stop on by our stand CS120-16 or click the link below for more information and schedule a demo!

We will have AR apps available to show you, as well a portfolio of solutions we have done for other clients that may fit your needs.