Technology Trends and Product Design Engineering in 2023

Technology Trends and Product Design Engineering in 2023

Every new year brings a broad range of technology trends that captivate consumers and corporations alike. To remain a competitive force in your industry, it’s vital to understand upcoming tech trends. This article will provide insight on how to implement them into...

Grocery Store AR App

Grocery Store AR App

Together our team has designed a new proof of concept showcasing the opportunities for augmented reality (AR) in grocery stores.

What You Need to Know for Creating Strategies for Retail Apps

What You Need to Know for Creating Strategies for Retail Apps

With the rising preference for shopping online, many consumers rely heavily on retail apps to buy their favorite products. This became even more commonplace with the COVID-19 pandemic, giving brands and retailers more than enough reason to invest in a development...

6 Steps to Implement Immersive Experiences in Your Business

6 Pasos Para Implementar Experiencias Inmersivas en tu Empresa

Here are six essential steps to create memorable immersive experiences for your customers. Key Takeaways: Define the big picture Focus on great storytelling Engage all senses Integrate the right technology Customize the experience for each user Make the experience...

How to Increase Your App’s Market Share in 2023

Cómo aumentar la cuota de mercado de tu app en 2023

Here’s what you should know to develop successful app growth strategies in 2023. Key Takeaways: Most mobile apps fail to take off because they lack a solid growth strategy Some ways to grow your app include app development, market development and penetration, and...

Shockoe’s 2023 Tech Predictions

Predicciones tecnológicas de Shockoe para 2023

A new year brings new opportunities for businesses interested in leading the way in digital investments. But what can they expect in 2023? With a changing economic landscape and new innovations shaking up the tech landscape knowing where to focus takes expertise....

Why Design Will Be the Key to Web3 Adoption

Por qué el diseño será la clave de la adopción de Web3

Considering Web3 is a new landscape for many people, the design will be an integral part of education and developing trust with new users. Key Takeaways: The differences between Web2 and Web3 Why designing Web3 with the user in mind is imperative Why Web3 UI/UX needs...

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