Immersive Experiences

At Shockoe we use the practical application of emerging technology to bring people into a virtual or augmented reality that helps enhance everyday life.

We help you innovate strategically, invest in iterative improvements and augment existing processes. From voice to AR, VR and XR to AI, we think emerging technology can inspire minds while increasing revenues, reducing costs and propelling your business forward.

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Make Smarter Decisions

Smart insights require a sound data strategy. Machine learning requires human insight. Artificial intelligence depends on establishing relevant collection processes. Shockoe can work with your organization to help you collect better data and generate more relevant output.

Mobility Beyond Mobile

The real strength of emerging technology is a positive change in human behavior. Head-mounted displays free your hands to focus on work rather than flipping through manuals. Voice commands, gesture interactions, and gaze tracking keep you focused on what’s next rather than (re)tracing your steps. We work with major technology stacks including Google Voice, Alexa, Magic Leap, HoloLens 2, and Oculus Quest to push the limits of where and how our clients do work.

Extend Existing IT

Many companies see only two options for deploying emerging tech: it can either be stood up quickly but in isolation of other tech stacks or be integrated with other tech stacks in a painfully-long process. Shockoe sees this as a false choice. We craft scalalable deployment plans that seamlessly integrate emerging technology with your exsiting infrastructre. The result is emerging tech that works with other tech and works well for your employees and customers.

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