Emerging Technology at Shockoe

Emerging technology isn’t just the latest trend in technology itself but the capacity it has to empower workers to do better work and improve customers lives.

We know that process change can be difficult to embrace as an individual, group, or overall organization. Working with a third party like Shockoe can bring a new perspective on how to introduce this technology, or if you even need to do so in the first place. Incremental is ok—small improvements can have major consequences that are both valuable and measurable.

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“Shockoe’s emphasis on emerging tech is that it is an investment to explore and innovate ways of utilizing nascent technology to have an impact on driving lasting improvements for companies we work with.”

-Dan Cotting, Director of Emerging Technology

How we work & How we can work for you

What is your pain point? What KPIs will indicate this problem is being solved?

These questions can open up a conversation where Shockoe can explore the best possible ways of leveraging the right technology to meet your business needs. We never go into a conversation knowing what the solution is, but if technology can play a role, our team will make sure we find it.

We continually work to improve communication between all aspects of any product we build. Our entire team works very closely, and it shows in how we approach problem-solving and ultimately the products we deliver.

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By: Laura Litle

Creating the Right Time for Emerging Technology

By: Jaime De La Ree

The benefits of staying ahead

Embracing emerging technology is to have a mindset that provides no guarantees of improvement.

However, when explored properly and deployed carefully it can give a competitive industry edge to the businesses adopting it.

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