Digital transformation through an attorney’s eyes

Digital transformation through an attorney’s eyes

Like many of my colleagues at Shockoe, I began writing computer code in a high school classroom.  However, in my case, the school was particularly advanced for its time in offering such a course, and our “computer” was a keyboard, dot-matrix printer, and a modem connection to the University of Virginia, where the actual computer occupied an entire floor of a large building.  And while most of those colleagues went on a path that brought them relatively quickly to Shockoe, I spent two decades working as an attorney in New York, Seoul, and Virginia.

Now in my third year of software development I have felt particularly happy to be at Shockoe because I believe it addresses needs that I often saw during my time working as an attorney, needs that I am certain are shared by many industries.

In my experience, the following was typical of the manner in which law firms implement technology.  First, the decisions are made by senior partners who, being busy with the representation of clients, have little time to keep up-to-date with what is available or most desirable in technology.  This leads either to an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, or an attempt to take care of the problem in one fell swoop with a package solution that may or may not fit comfortably with the way they have set up their practice.  In the latter case, the acquired technology may go unused, or used only to the extent required by the firm.  For example, if a time-tracking application is difficult to use, an attorney may keep track of his time on post-it notes as she always did before, then have her secretary type it all into the application at the end of the week.

In either case, what then happens is that employees begin finding their own solutions. Each attorney and his or her assistants devise their own system, piecing together hardware and applications as they see fit.  Depending on their level of technological sophistication, they may, or may not, arrive at a solution that works well for them.  However, this approach drastically reduces the potential for collaboration, and creates a host of potential problems, as the less technologically-adept might adopt solutions that introduce security vulnerabilities or other problems.

Although so often noted as to sound trite, an average employee today with a typical mobile device is comparable to an employee with superpowers two or three decades ago. To make the most of those powers, however, requires sophisticated solutions.  This includes, of course, a focus on the possible pitfalls of any new technology. A device that allows employees to watch training videos at convenient times may also allow them to spend the working day watching Netflix. Large collections of data become valuable, and thus must be protected, not only from hackers in foreign locales, but from disgruntled or former employees.  Yet while minimizing risk demands much attention, it is just as important to make certain that new technology is used to its full potential. Making one’s workforce five times more efficient is simply not good enough in a competitive business environment if the competition makes their workforce eight times more efficient.  

This is what excites me about working at Shockoe, being able to use my skills to allow our clients to make the greatest possible use of the technology available to them. Apps created now increase employee productivity, streamline task performance and ensure employees have real-time data access they need for day to day exchange opposed to the opposite stagnant mentality. If this sounds familiar to you, check out our work for Financial Services Mobile Technology and contact us for any innovative ideas to help your team tackle your digital transformation with a great mobile strategy.

i.e. Competition App

The Richmond region is home to a diverse and vibrant community. Every day, in our garages and laboratories, studios and galleries around town, the RVA Creative Class creates impactful, creative and innovative solutions across all disciplines. i.e.* is a galvanizing initiative to launch Richmond into the limelight and over time, put us on the map for innovative excellence.

On April 16th, 2013, at Richmond CenterStage, 14 finalist will compete for a chance to win a $10,000 , six months of free office space at New Richmond Ventures, $3,500 worth of IT strategy and implementation services from Imagine Simplicity, and mentoring from 804RVA.

In support of the competition Shockoe (for the second year in a row) has developed a voting system, hitting the big three this year with an native iPhone, native Android, and Web application, for the competition. The mobile app features full descriptions of each finalist, and real-time in app voting, on-site (CenterStage) the night of April 16th. Also, the mobile app will aid in determining the winner of the People Choice Award, as well as prize the $2,500 prize, courtesy of First Capital Bank! We hope to see you at CenterStage on VOTE night!

Check out i.e.* for iPhoneCheck out i.e.* for AndroidCheck out i.e.* for the Web





MotorMouth, combines the experience and fun of the citizens band or CB radio days enabling our modern smartphone technologies to build a driver social network to share their thoughts, observations, and warnings to other drives anonymously.

Just upload a short voice message, submit it, and the message appears on the global map, tagged to that exact location for others to discover. Warn other drivers about construction or potholes, or just leave a thought about the scenery!

Download the iOS mobile app


LetterLasso – Vocabulary Twist Mobile Game

Letter Lasso is a touch-based game for iPhone and iPad. Players are presented a jumble of moving letters and must identify a word, grab the letters, and attach them in the correct order tin order to win points and move to the next word. The words come in packs divided up by category, such as “fruit” or “US Presidents”. These categories also serve as the primary clue for finding the proper word.

The game is designed not only to be a fun and immersive touch-based gaming experience, but also a powerful learning tool. Kids of all ages can use the game to learn new words and how to spell them, becoming a fun tool for spelling tests, learning new languages, or just expanding your vocabulary.



Automated Vehicle Locator System

Cross Platform Tracking

Traxi allows customers to track your taxis, buses, and shuttles on any platform: web, mobile web, and through a native iPhone app.

Fully customized

Set yourself apart with a slick, fully customized set of “Automated Vehicle Locator System” (AVLS) applications JUST for your company. Get your own website, mobile website, and native iPhone app customized for your buses or shuttles. Which of your competitors can say that?

Better data for your business

Traxi provides you advanced analytics on your vehicles, from their speed and distance traveled to the number of people tracking each vehicle. Whether you already have GPS units installed or need install them, we’ve got you covered.

2BnB – To The Bottom and Back Shuttle App

No matter where you are track the current movements of Richmond’s non-profit transportation service, To The Bottom and Back. 2BNB currently operates buses on continuous loops throughout the major arteries in the city from 6pm to 3am, Thursday-Saturday. 2BNB bridges the gap between the Fan district, the East End/Downtown, Boulevard and Broad Streets, and aims to fill the void that existing public transportation creates. 2bNB is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Shockoe decided to develop this app to help reduce the amount of drinking and driving, provide free transportation, and encourage a more eco-friendly way to move around Richmond.

We have also made this tracking technology available for any vehicles of any kind with our product Traxi .

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