7 Core Values for Developers and Development Companies

Female developer coding two screens.

Integrity matters in software and mobile app development. Stay competitive with these 7 core values for development companies. Key takeaways: Core values provide guidance and unity of direction, helping your development team be more functional and efficient. These core values for development companies include: Quality Commitment Communication Continuous learning Discipline Simplicity Teamwork Core values for […]

How to Increase Sales and Enhance Brand Value Through Mobile Marketing

Man using mobile device to get online.

Mobile marketing has become an indispensable digital component for businesses that want to remain relevant in today’s market demands and economy. Here’s how to stay competitive with mobile marketing: Key takeaways: More than half of website traffic today comes from mobile devices. Mobile marketing drives conversions, revenue, brand value, and business growth. It provides wider […]

How to Use A/B Testing to Improve Brand Experiences

Two business professionals review data generated from A/B testing various outcomes of different brand experiences.

Offering your customers, a brand experience they’ll never forget comes with a few considerations. Reaching that point requires A/B testing and an immersive experience they can enjoy.  With the help of A/B testing and immersive experiences like augmented reality, you can leave a lasting impact on your customer base. Key Takeaways: Learn about the importance […]

Taking Cannes Lions 2023 by Storm

2023 has been a whirlwind travel year so far, putting Shockoe in the room with great brands, and exciting opportunities. From conversations with the NFL and Big Brothers Big Sisters to the Miami Dolphins and the PGA Tour our team has been taking the stage and sharing our passion for digital innovation. The latest trip […]

Why Interactive Experiences Are Necessary for Effective Brand Promotion + How to Create Them

A customer engaging in an interactive experience using a VR headset.

Traditional brand promotion is not as effective as it used to be. To stand out in today’s ultra-competitive attention economy, you must lead with interactive brand experiences. Key takeaways: To create brand loyalty, establish a strong emotional connection with your target audience Interactive brand experiences can help you activate that essential “wow” factor and drive […]

5 Considerations for Mobile App Development

Mobile app icons on a smartphone screen

When building a mobile app, considering the target audience, development platform, device type, ease of navigation, and design can help you deliver an unrivaled user experience. Key takeaways: Your target audience should be your first consideration in mobile development. Native and cross-platform development are suitable for different applications. Consider your project’s requirements before choosing between […]

How the Retail Space is Evolving with Interactive Shopping Experiences

A customer uses an interactive shopping experience in a mall to explore different products, services, and navigation of retail stores.

An increasing number of shoppers worldwide are developing a preference for online shopping. A lot of this comes down to convenience, but the challenges retail stores face could be mitigated with the help of interactive shopping experiences. Key takeaways: Why customers are leaning more toward online shopping The challenges in-store retailers face How retailers can […]

Defining Project Scope: The First Step When Outsourcing a Mobile App Project

Businessman explaining a mobile app’s project scope to three IT experts.

A clear project scope can help you avoid mishaps in the later stages of mobile app development. Key takeaways: It’s essential to have a clear project scope before outsourcing your mobile app project. Doing so will ensure everyone is onboard from the start, helping you avoid scope creep and deliver the app on time and […]

Is Your App a Success? Key Performance Indicators Should be Used for Mobile Apps

A team of employees reviews information generated from key performance indicators for mobile apps.

The information you need to measure the overall success of your application relies heavily on detailed key performance indicators (KPIs). Regarding the development, marketing, and revenue of an application, KPIs give you the ability to track the application’s growth over time. Key takeaways: Navigate the development and growth of an application’s success over time by monitoring KPIs. […]

TLDR – Apple & Meta Edition

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