At Shockoe IT development is a lot like baking sweet stuff in the best kitchen ever. It involves hard work and creativity, and the end result just tastes so good that you have to share it. Here are some cool happenings in Android Land that you can download for dessert.

Defend Your Turf! Tower Raiders 2 Beta is On The Warpath
At Android Police, Artem Russakovski is extolling the virtues of the epic Tower Raiders 2 Beta is a sequel for Android that gives you five levels and multiple weapons to destroy the onslaught of enemy forces attacking your stronghold. Check out his blog for great graphics and uber-excitement.

Foodies Unite
Food-related apps are about as numerous as all the closet foodies out there. Whether they cater to chefs, beer snobs and or cheese fanatics, smartphones are getting more savy about our diets. Brown-Eyed Baker published a list of cool food apps for iPhone with some great options available for cooks. Natalie Whittle at also offers several great options for Euro foodie apps. A whole app dedicated to finding the best Belgian beers? Splendid!

We’re proud to add our most recent app, iYUMMi, as a great food app with the potential to sprout additional tasty spinoffs this year. Users can log in via social media to critique photos of their favorite “yucks” and “yumms.” It’s sure to get friends talking over dinner again! Check it out here.

A Heart for Pong:
We heard about this from Anthony Domanico of Android and Me. Pong for Hope is an awesome philanthropic endeavor that brings the power of Android to a whole new level. The youth of the First Church of the Nazarene in Warrensburg, MO will play the original arcade Pong for donations to the American Heart Association. They have SURPASSED their goal, earning over $6,000! That’s a lot of Pong for a great cause! They are assisted in their cause by Streamly TV and Ray Walters (Android Guys). Check out their website for more information in their epic win.