New Year, new face. Shockoe re-launched its website for 2014.  Last year was a break-through year for mobile and we think that we will see several new breakthroughs this year again.  If you are not signed up to receive our newsletter or have not had a chance to read it we wanted to summarize the top mobile trends for 2014.

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Bring your Own Device Growing in the Enterprise:  The days of providing employees with a corporate phone and/or tablet are slowly fading, with so many options, preferences, and operating systems companies find it challenging to control the phones people use for work.  The key is creating the right mobile eco-system for your business, setting up smart security, and planning for the change.  Smart firms have embraced and invited the innovative change – What’s your plan?

Analytics, Analytics, Analytics:  How does your firm measure consumer behavior?  Firms are gathering more data than ever on their consumers, but does your firm have the right mobile strategy in place to take advantage of this data?  Fitbit will track more than a billion footsteps and 1 million hours of sleep, but knowing how to use this data to influence a healthier lifestyle in its user will be key.  Create the right mobile strategy to target advertisements and incentives to change behaviors of individuals

The internet of Things is Taking Over:  It was the theme of this year’s CES event and it cuts across almost all industries.  IoT refers to all things automation or the controlling of things and gadgets such as security, door locks, and even cars through the internet and wireless networks.

Leave the clipboard at home (Or at the Office):  More and more companies are leaning towards mobile apps in schools, camps, and events to track attendance, measure statistics (analytics, analytics, analytics), and integrate with back end-systems.  Leave the paper and clipboards at home and get your mobile devices out.  What are you doing to mobilize your business, can help you be more efficient?

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