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Frank Sinatra was renowned, among other things, for his ability to nail a recording in one take. The problem with making something look easy is that people start to believe it’s easy. The team at Shockoe spends a lot of time singing in the shower (and reading, training, and talking) to make it look easy in our own way.

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When to use emerging tech

Creating the Right Time for Emerging Technology

It seems like all companies today are trying to find a way to incorporate augmented reality, voice, machine learning, or IoT into every technology product. Promises of systems and applications that can improve customer engagement, boost business optimizations, and...

An Intern Project to Drive Good: Feed Racer

What is Feed Racer? Feed Racer is a competitive food donation app built to help FeedMore in its mission to help provide in-need Virginia families and individuals with food supplies  — it’s a race to win where everyone wins. A two-fold project:...

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Scaling a Push Notification Server

Previously we explored the topic of setting up a sandbox push notification server in Node.js. This featured a Mongodb instance to store users and device IDs, as well as endpoints to register users and send them the push notifications all at once. But what...

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