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5 Ways Shockoe Supercharged Mobile Workflow

  Here at Shockoe, we work on a variety of applications for clients around the world, so it's not uncommon for our developers to work on more than one project at a time. It's pretty standard that everyone, at some point or another, is involved...

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3 Tips to Start Using Motion in Design

  Motion connects the designers and developers who are working on a mobile application with its users. Scrolling, navigating through screens, and adding or editing content may all be inherent features of an app in 2017, but the app still needs to feel right. UX...

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Comparing React Native to Axway Titanium

  Here at Shockoe we often use cross-platform tools to build our apps. Using a cross-platform tool allows us to have one code base for apps that run on multiple platforms. There will be some platform specific code, but most things can be...

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Kotlin: Three Reasons To Start Using It Today

  With the announcement at Google I/O 2017 that the Kotlin programming language will be officially supported as a first class citizen for the Android framework, there’s been a lot of talk around what Kotlin is and how it compares to Java. This...

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How to Document an Existing API Using Swagger

  A few months ago, I jumped into an exciting project with my teammates at Shockoe. My expertise was needed for testing and debugging, which led me to begin working with the middleware API. In this particular case, the project presented new...

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