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Frank Sinatra was renowned, among other things, for his ability to nail a recording in one take. The problem with making something look easy is that people start to believe it’s easy. The team at Shockoe spends a lot of time singing in the shower (and reading, training, and talking) to make it look easy in our own way.

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Women, Stop Reading Self-Help Books!

A female leader’s diatribe against gender-biased leadership trendsLast year a group of Project and Engagement Managers at Shockoe participated in a two-day training session to earn our SAFe Scrum Master certifications. I really enjoyed the training, except for one part -- when...

Study Shows iOS Attracts More Developers

After surveying over 3,600 Appcelerator Titanium developers, Apple's phone and tablet devices have a 16% lead over  Google's Android platforms.  The results show that Apple's iOS is now the preferred choice for both, business-focused developers and consumer-app...

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Software Testing in a Mobile Environment

Want to test on an iPad but don't have one? Now there are online solutions that will allow you to test on all the devices that you don't have.  Searching for the right testing software is very important, it needs to be able to support large a variety of devices, test...

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Beginner’s Titanium: UI Layouts Using Nested Views

Making user interface elements display how you want them is not always a simple task. The Titanium 2.0 SDK changed the way the ‘auto’ sizing keyword is handled. These changes may require some existing code to be modified in order to produce the same output. So, we’ve...

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Extending ti.box2d : Mouse Joints

It is common in physics based games to need to be able to drag bodies around. However, setting the position of a body instantaneously based on the current touch position can introduce excessive forces to the physics simulation, and break it. So we need another way to...

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How to use ADB with Multiple Devices

Have you ever had multiple emulators or physical devices or a combination of the two attached at once? It's frustrating to shut off or unplug your devices in order to single out the one that needs to be targeted. Look no further, adb includes a command...

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Latest Technology Trends: March 2012

We have one word for you: iPad3 The roar around the arrival of Apple's latest version of their market-dominating tablet drowned out pretty much anything else tech in the last few weeks. Even the buzz at SXSWi had a distinctly "when will I get my hands on my new iPad?"...

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March 2018: Mobile News and Trends

We've got some hot news: our buddies at Appcelerator won the GSMA Global Mobile 2012 Best Cloud-Based Tech Award in Barcelona last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The judge's comment on the award announcement: "Quintessential cloud, write once, deploy...

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Trends in Technology: Truth or Noise?

No industry has more hype attached to it than tech. Sure, the entertainment industry is known as hype-a-palooza, but they rely on technology to both create and hype their products, so we'll stick with tech as the most hyped vertical on the planet. How does someone...

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February Mobile News & Trends

The world gets smaller every time someone uses a mobile device to connect to the web. We celebrate that shrinkage here at Shockoe. In fact, we like to think we help enable it with our mobile web projects! We’re kicking off a new blog series on mobile news and trends...

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Android App: Should my Company Have One?

We have quite a number of clients that are seriously looking at developing an Android Application. For the most part, they already have iPhone applications and are looking at how to expand their reach to other users in other platforms. Android, Blackberry, Nokia, etc....

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WP-Logs integrates with Notifo

Having detailed logs of how your services are being used is important, but sometimes it's nice to have immediate notifications of critical events. Enter Notifo, the super-easy-to-use push notification service. We recently updated WP-Logs to support the Notifo service...

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