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Frank Sinatra was renowned, among other things, for his ability to nail a recording in one take. The problem with making something look easy is that people start to believe it’s easy. The team at Shockoe spends a lot of time singing in the shower (and reading, training, and talking) to make it look easy in our own way.

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How to Use Regular Expressions in 2019

For many developers, regular expressions are arcane magic at best, impenetrable nonsense at worst. I once felt the same way, until in a caffeinated mania I plunged in headfirst and discovered a fascinating and endlessly useful world under the surface. Five years later, regex is...
RVA Game Jams: Dragenvoy- Ludum Dare 26!

RVA Game Jams: Dragenvoy- Ludum Dare 26!

This past weekend RVA Game Jams hosted a real-world meetup for Ludum Dare 26!  The ludum dare comes in two flavors, a 48-hour solo competition and a 72-hour group based game jam.  We had participants in both flavors at the 804RVA jam location, and saw some great...

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Unity – Game Development, Developing Together

After the January Game Jam, I wrote about previously, I found out about @McFunkyPants one game a month and decided to jump on board!  I was able to use Audiball as my January submission and got to work on February's game.  After spending last semester learning Unity...

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WordPress as a CMS for Native Apps

We all know Wordpress is rapidly becoming the dominant Content Management System for the web. Whether it's your preferred CMS or not, if you're in the world of web development you have almost certainly run into Wordpress as a system by which non-technical folk can...

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Global Game Jam 2013: RVAGameJams

I had the pleasure of participating in this year's Global Game Jam over the weekend. 321 Jam Locations in 63 different countries participated this year and an astonishing number of games were submitted! We created a video game using Unity called Audiball, a...

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Understanding and Combating Coder’s Block

It's very hard to explain to non-coders how artistic coding really is. People who use software are constantly complaining about usability issues, but when they think about the code behind the software they think "it either works or it doesn't." That is not how coders...

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Simple is the Goal, Clutter is the Enemy

When was the last time you used a mobile app and said "Man, I'm glad there's all this junk on my screen! This app does 100 things and it's clear to me what they all are and how to access them!" I'm confident this has never happened. However, I bet you have opened a...

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