It’s the innate nature of Google to constantly push the envelope, advancing technology and making life easier for us all. With its many years in contemplation and development, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have finally brought a long term dream to reality.

In addition to the self-driving car, the Google (x) department has developed yet another product that proves to challenge our idea of what the future may hold, with all of its glorious possibilities.

Upon presenting its techno-stylish and highly futuristic augmented reality glasses, Google has confirmed that Project Glass is in full effect. What the Google Glass is offering is certainly a spectacle, (no pun intended).  Almost reinventing the meaning of a hands-free device, the glasses give users the same full range of activities that ordinary smartphones provide and definitely opens up new possibilities that other devices are just not capable of. Using transparent and interactive imagery that is positioned in your field of vision, Google Glass takes information that is usually accessed via a search engine and media sources and places it directly in your range of sight. Now, weather updates phone calls, and even Google Maps are easily accessible with Google’s cool gadget.

What could that mean for app development? A whole new range of apps is sure to spawn from this creation, entirely changing how we interact with the apps on our mobile devices. Imagine being able to navigate through unfamiliar cities without having to check to see if you are going the right way because the directions are right in front of you. Entire virtual worlds could be blended effortlessly into our range of sight, creating the ultimate gaming environment, rather than viewing them through the screen of a smartphone, an entire virtual world would be.

Although highly anticipated, it is still in its beta testing phase, so we can only imagine the possibilities that Google Glass may bring. For this mobile device, I envision an entirely new frontier as far as app development goes, but until then my guess is as good as yours.