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Frank Sinatra was renowned, among other things, for his ability to nail a recording in one take. The problem with making something look easy is that people start to believe it’s easy. The team at Shockoe spends a lot of time singing in the shower (and reading, training, and talking) to make it look easy in our own way.

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Mastering cross-platform voice development with Jovo

Mastering Cross-Platform Voice Development with Jovo

Here at Shockoe, we are continuously evaluating new technologies to enable us to improve the experience of using Shockoe crafted apps. Recently in our R&D ventures, we committed to a project based around virtual personal assistants, specifically Google...

5 Useful Tips for Kotlin Users

In 2017 Google announced first-class support for Kotlin on Android at Google I/O, and shortly after I started looking into using Kotlin for our Android projects here at Shockoe. It took a few years before we officially started using Kotlin as our preferred...

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What to Consider When Starting an R&D Program

When I began at Shockoe in 2017, one of the personal draws for me was the fact that there was a clear commitment to pursuing the use of new and innovative technologies. In 2018, we began pursuing R&D in earnest, beginning to identify methods for...

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How Gen Z is Shaping the Future of Technology

Like any generational label, the boundaries of what birth years are considered Generation Z are hazy, loose, and basically up anyone’s own interpretation. Gen Z is characterized as having grown up in the age of internet and social media. They don’t know a...

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Shoptalk 2019: It Takes More Than Tech

As ten thousand people gathered in Las Vegas this year to talk about retail and e-commerce, Shockoe met with companies small and large to talk about one thing: how to make shopping better. A booming US economy has set a high bar for vendors and retailers...

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