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Frank Sinatra was renowned, among other things, for his ability to nail a recording in one take. The problem with making something look easy is that people start to believe it’s easy. The team at Shockoe spends a lot of time singing in the shower (and reading, training, and talking) to make it look easy in our own way.

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Bringing Balance to the (Work) Force

From early in life, balance is a key attribute we strive to accomplish. From learning to sit and walk, to juggling sleeping with waking hours, we figure out how to navigate the world. This carries through to school years where our parents help us learn to balance...

3D Design: Journey Through Character Modeling

On June 10, 2018, I was at work minding my design business when our COO asks to meet with me. When we sat down to talk, he asked me to make our company’s Mascot (the Mobile Monster) in 3D in two months. I got to say I was a little surprised. Not just...

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ARKit 3: What’s new in 2019 as seen at WWDC

Intro to ARKit ARKit is a framework provided by the iOS SDK (11+) that gives developers the opportunity to create augmented reality experiences in a fraction of the time it would take to create them completely from scratch. It uses the device’s camera and...

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React Native: Upgrade Dos and Don’ts

While React Native is a great framework for cross platform development, the process to upgrade from one version to another is generally painful.  If you created a new application this time last year, it was most likely running on version 0.56. Today the...

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Droidcon Lisbon 2019: An Overview

This week, I attended a Droidcon event in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference itself was at the University of Lisbon, known at this time of year for bright sunshine, mild temperatures, and a unique initiation ritual for freshmen known as Praxe, which was...

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eTail Round Two: Our Favorite Sessions in Review

For years, eTail has brought together the leaders of retail and technology. This year, we had the opportunity to hear the perspectives of some of the biggest names in retail, including CarMax, J. Jill, Chico’s, and Foot Locker. The topics included the...

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Cross-Platform Design Strategy Tips in 2019

Android and iOS users have been at odds for over a decade. Each platform carving out its path and even stepping on each other's toes in the process. However, for many consumer app developers to pick a side would mean to ignore a large chunk of users....

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