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Nearly a decade in the making, Shockoe has worked to deploy over 75 apps since 2010. Our focus from the start has been to produce apps to drive customer and brand loyalty, enable mobile workforces, and allowed companies to better manage inventory and assets. Here are the case studies that define the quality of work and impact at Shockoe.

Inventory & Asset Managment

Inventory & Asset Managment

A.C. Moore

After a quick trial release at a flagship store in Philadelphia, A.C. Moore rolled the new inventory and asset management app to all of their 136 locations with resoundingly positive feedback. According to their CIO, “every store has 4 of the new devices with the app, and each one wants 5 more.”

The application has continued to grow in feature-set. Shockoe built a Pinterest plug-in so that employees could quickly view and share popular projects with customers, and several more releases are in the works.

An Electronics Distributor

For this Shockoe client the challenge was twofold: First, create a modern, mobile warehouse management app that updates the existing platform and addresses the needs of both warehouse operators and supervisors. Second, provide a growth strategy for the new platform that would meet the company’s “five years out” plan, allowing for flexible integration with new technologies (wearables, AR, etc).

Supervisors can now manage inventory and processes away from their desk, allowing them to review reports and make necessary decisions on-site. Their custom-built chat interface now allows supervisors and operators to communicate with one another directly within the WMS.


Now, dairy farmers in the field can input and review herd data from wherever they may be. No need for pen and paper notes that can easily be lost or damaged before making it into the hands of visiting technicians. Likewise, hefty external hard drives are no longer necessary, nor does the information need to be physically transported hundreds of miles to the Valacta headquarters in Montreal.

And finally, having this accurate, timely data means making sense of all this information is now easier than ever for scientists. This allows them to more effectively anticipate any changes that may affect the wellbeing of the cattle that could ultimately disrupt the dairy supply chain.


ONEOK partnered with Shockoe to build a custom warehouse management iPad application that could handle the heavy amounts of data needed to efficiently conduct field operations. The application supports multiple users per device, caches the most relevant data offline, allows for easy updates to work orders, validates business rules, and syncs back to Maximo.

Employees couldn’t wait to get their hands on the app as it rolled out. The application improves productivity and accuracy of reporting by allowing employees to complete reporting on-site rather than having to wait to get to a desktop application.

Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce

American Express

Shockoe worked with American Express to identify, design, and communicate processes that would improve mobile delivery across the organization.
This included:

• Creating a comprehensive mobile playbook to consolidate and
communication standards, procedures, and best practices
• Building an app roadmap for critical apps required by the business
• Creating an Idea Generator app to spur innovation

J.B. Hunt

Shockoe helped J.B. Hunt develop and deploy a set of tools for shippers and carriers that helps both parties monitor business in real-time. Shippers and carriers have access to business critical information in an easy-to-use interface. The system also includes access to a wide range of reports and analytics to help analyze and improve business operations.

Shippers now have a streamlined shipment management system across multiple transit types, a custom dashboard showing business-critical info, ability to track shipments, access to published rates, notifications via text and email, and online customer setup and support.


Lactologic wanted to help dairy farmers improve profitability and sustainability while making it easier to monitor herd health. If the farmers are doing their work out in the field, that 15-year-old hulking PC tower isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Farmers now have easy offline access to data, a management grid that displays upcoming events, and a complete history of each animal. With everything located in one mobile app, the days of balancing bulky hardware in the field are obsolete.

Dominion Enterprise

The apartment and home searches have robust search filters for price, location, as well as a wide range of amenities. Additionally, allows users to view local real estate market reports as well as listings of local real estate agents to help ensure their home and apartment experiences are as convenient as possible.

The technology implemented by Shockoe was so successful that it was later translated to other Dominion Enterprise companies including, Remax and ERA.

GE Healthcare

Capturing the intricacies of a sophisticated machine can be daunting, especially in the absence of the machine itself. This is the challenge GE Healthcare faced in its efforts to present a new breathing system apparatus to the practitioners who would judge its suitability for their operating rooms.

An e-detailing application emerged as the most suitable way of aiding salespeople and potential consumers alike to guide their own tour of product features and to easily drill down into individual points of interest.


The agency that managed Nissan’s brand in dealerships throughout Canada that would offer ready access to an electronic catalog of current models and accessory options, as well as handy functions to calculate total costs.

The final product was a sophisticated reference guide, designed for display on tablets, for Nissan sales staff and potential customers alike. It provided dealerships with current information about available models, associated accessories, and costs.

Customer & Brand Loyalty

Customer & Brand Loyalty


Together, Shockoe and SE Grocers worked to create a new in-house rewards system. Before setting out on this complex endeavor, the first step was to compile a roadmap that realistically outlined goals and expectations.

• Creating a comprehensive mobile playbook to consolidate and
communication standards, procedures, and best practices
• Building an app roadmap for critical apps required by the business
• Creating an Idea Generator app to spur innovation

Pine Cove

Pine Cove Christian Camps are proud of the incredible summer experiences they provide young children — but for parents, ’camp’ will always feel like ‘camp’ as they only get to sit at home wondering how their children are doing.

With more than 30,000 guests spending days to weeks every year at camp, many parents felt disconnected from their children during that time. Pine Cove wanted to bridge the divide through a fun & engaging mobile application that could ease the worry for parents and capture life at the camp in a trustworthy digital community.

Virginia Credit Union

When it comes to managing personal finances, even the slightest hiccup could mean consumers lose trust in the overall brand. With that in mind, Viginia Credit Union knew that offering new features such as digital card management had to be done in a way that would provide value and increase brand loyalty.

As a result of our speed and the success of the design, VACU has expanded the scope of our relationship, and we are now in the process of expanding the card portal and proving out the value of an agile workflow to the business. This was just phase one of five in our partnership with VACU. Our roadmap for the application creates a native experience with added features.


A faculty member of VCU’s Department of Music envisioned a tool that could help students maintain focus on the critical elements of effective musical study. Sharing her understanding of her students’ needs — and seeking innovative ways to support them — she consulted with Shockoe about the creation of a digital practice companion.

The application enabled students to export audio only or video only to isolate and analyze individual elements of their practice. It also aided them in timing breaks and prompted them to assess their accomplishments, as well as any pain they experienced during the session.


For the initial engagement, Shockoe designed and built an app for the rvatech/gala, which is an annual awards ceremony for the Central Virginia technology community.
RVATech requested an app that would allow users to do the following:

• Connect with Eventbrite for ticket management
• Connect with LinkedIn for networking purposes
• View sponsor and event details
• View program and award details
• Have a searchable, interactive table map to show seating assignments throughout the event
• Search and view attendees and companies

21st Century Farmers

California auto insurance company 21st Century, a subsidiary of Farmers, is a major force in providing insurance solutions to the west coast. 21st Century came to Shockoe in 2015 requesting a better-functioning mobile app. Shockoe was tasked to redesign and architect the app to run more smoothly by eliminating persistent bugs and crashes driven by faulty backend services.

The app was designed to provide customers with a means of managing insurance-related tasks from the comfort of their phone. Filing claims, calling roadside assistance and viewing the user’s insurance ID from the login screen were among the features proposed and implemented by Shockoe.

Caribou Coffee

As providers of a premium hospitality experience, Caribou knew that their mobile application was a critical component of their overall customer experience. The poor rating was an indication that consumers were unhappy—they no longer trusted the Caribou brand to provide the best app experience possible.

Shockoe identified that the original version of the app had poor architecture, security concerns, and bugs that all amounted to a poor user experience. With that in mind, Shockoe assisted with design, architecture, and development on a new Caribou app, providing a more stable and enjoyable experience for Caribou’s customers.


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