Inventory and Asset Management Apps

At its core, the supply chain revolves around the manufacturing and distribution of goods. Supply chain success relies on effective inventory management, seeking out new and innovative ways to improve processes, technologies, and efficiencies. Yet, staying informed on the latest global supply chain trends can be daunting. Terms such as blockchain, automation, and AI are being discussed at a dizzying pace. Sometimes it can seem impossible to keep up.

Custom Apps to Revolutionize a Supply Chain

At Shockoe, we help our clients embrace the most effective supply chain technologies so that they can spend less time chasing trends, and more time growing their business. Whether you’re looking for a custom inventory management toolset or looking to improve upon an existing system, we’ve got you covered.

The Benefits of Custom

While many out-of-the-box inventory management applications can be successful short-term solutions, they often fail to account for the unique considerations inherent to business growth. What may seem like a faster, cheaper option often leads to unforeseen costs by failing to interface with one or more segments of your operation. We believe that your software and hardware should be tailored to fit your existing business, rather than the other way around. At Shockoe, we’ll design and deploy a set of custom tools that are built specifically to grow with your business.

Here are some examples of the ways we help businesses build custom solutions to custom challenges:

Warehouse Management Apps & Systems

Having a customized, flexible, and efficient warehouse management system is critical for keeping things moving from points A to B. But it isn’t just about managing and moving inventory, it’s also about keeping track of assets, communicating with personnel, and collecting and assessing data about your operation. From designing custom software to replacing outdated hardware, we’ll work closely with your organization to upgrade your warehouse management processes to meet your operational goals and show a strong return on your investment. With the right tools in place, your business can operate more efficiently, growing your relationship with your customers as well as your bottom line.

Retail Inventory Management

Being able to operate in a lean and efficient manner is critical to the continued success of retailers. The less time your employees are spending counting items and placing them on shelves, the more time they have to engage with customers and build brand loyalty. Accuracy and speed are critical. FIFO, LIFO, Just-in-Time — none of it matters if you don’t have an accurate system for tracking inventory. At Shockoe, we will help your business update your existing systems in order to minimize upgrade costs and maximize operational efficiency.

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