Customer & Brand Loyalty

With a smartphone in every pocket, brands have an overabundance of opportunities to interact with their customers. However, mobile brand engagement needs to offer more than simple one-off apps and disposable gimmicks. Screen space is too precious, and consumers will quickly delete any app that they view as inessential.

Successfully competing in such a crowded landscape can be nearly impossible if you aren’t offering an application that provides meaningful and lasting value to the user. We can’t stress this enough… it has to be genuinely meaningful.

That’s why so many apps are deleted within the first 48 hours. At Shockoe, our goal is to build apps that customers want to keep on their phones—apps that people return to because they make life a little bit easier.

Here are some ways we can help your brand engage with customers in meaningful ways through mobile:

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs represent a significant marketing opportunity for any retailer, and understanding how to integrate them into digital media is critical. At Shockoe, we partner with our clients to make their digital transition seamless and straightforward. We’ll work closely with your marketing and IT teams to deploy a mobile loyalty program that builds brand engagement by offering easy participation and appealing rewards. Integrated analytics ensure that you’ll be able to track consumer behavior using meaningful data, allowing you to tailor your message and promotions as needed.

Mobile Banking

In a post-physical-currency world, mobile apps are the digital gateways that connect an individual to their finances. The seamless digital user experience an app provides gives customers a sense of security, providing them with access to their finances at the tap of a screen.

As it turns out, today, one in two smartphone users prefer using a finance app over a mobile site for a banking transaction. But tread carefully; financial transactions and money management are often deeply personal, and any perceived flaws in design, technology, or interface can spell disaster for a brand. If you need a hand, give us a ring.

We pride ourselves on our streak of excellent customer banking experiences that are both secure and easy to use. We’ll be happy to help.

Mobile Retail

While many brands design their apps with e-shoppers in mind, some retail segments such as grocery and foodservice require a unique approach: one that recognizes the unique considerations inherent to an in-person retail experience. For the physical retail shopper, a mobile app often acts as a personal companion: allowing them to preview and pay for items, make shopping lists, and navigate their way through the tangible shopping experience.

Consumers today need an interface that helps them find what they need, then quickly gets out of the way to let them shop at their own pace. At Shockoe, we accomplish this by working closely with our retail partners to understand their customers’ needs, and design an app with their experience in mind.

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