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We provide a deeper understanding of analytics because they are crucial to success. Analytics provide meaningful insights about your product and users, and how we can align their behaviors to business goals.

 At Shockoe, our team is uniquely positioned to guide your product all the way from developing a vision through understanding the impact and evaluating it over time. We work with analytics and insights on usage, marketing, and operations to provide a comprehensive view of product performance for your business and your users. 

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Defining Goals and How to Track Them

During the discovery phase, we work with clients and their users to understand what success looks like, define measurable goals for the product, and set up the mechanisms to collect the necessary data across all digital channels or platforms. 

Report & Analyze in Meaningful Ways

After implementation, we begin reporting the key metrics and analyzing the results. More than just custom dashboards and visualizations, our aim is to find the real story in the data with insights like feature retention, time between tasks, and segment analysis.

Collaborate with Stakeholders

Product management decisions should be informed by data and insights. We collaborate with stakeholders, designers, and engineers to decide how to improve the product based on the results we see.

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